Best Wooden Wall Mounted Shoe Racks to Buy in 2021

A wooden wall mounted shoe rack really revolutionizes organization around the house.

Mounting in general is quite an extraordinary way to keep your things, especially your shoes off the ground and keep your space clean and tidy. Clutter is the source of evil for most people with smaller homes because there is never a place for your things and there are always too many things. If you live in a small place with a large family, well, there you have it, your place will never be clean.

The ideal solution to a problem like this is to mount your organizing furniture on to your walls. In terms of shoes, it is always helpful to keep the organizing tool on a height. On the ground, there is always a chance of the shoe-owner being too lazy. All things considered, having adequate shelving in your home can really transform the way your home looks, giving it a classic, more professional structure.

There is a certain variation when it comes to the type of wooden wall shoe rack that is available on the market. Reading further will help you make an informed decision depending on your needs.

Best Wooden Wall Mounted Shoe Racks in 2021

Here are some of the top picks of wooden wall mounted shoe racks available online:

Esschert Design Wall Boot Rack

Features we loved:

  • Esschert Design
  • Made in Poland
  • Multi-functional

  • Perfect for storing Wellingtons
  • A sturdy piece of furniture
  • Neutral Color
  • Bulky item
  • Can certainly be heavy
  • Specifically for Wellington boots

This product is specifically purchased for areas that happen to have avid monsoon season or a good amount of rain throughout the year. The reason for this is that people tend to use this type of shoe storage wall rack for longer boots that have the shape to be held upside down. Since this wall-mounted wooden shoe rack is bulky, it is less likely to fall apart since the wood isn’t exactly flimsy and prone to easy breakage.

The design of this specific shoe rack is subtle in a classy way. It has elegance to it but still manages to fulfill its purpose of being a shoe rack. Since it is wood, it can also be easily painted according to your living space and what goes with it, in order to make the piece of furniture aesthetically pleasing. This wooden wall shoe rack can be an excellent addition to your home.

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Chameleon Colors Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

Features we loved:

  • Use of Baltic Birch wood
  • Hand crafted shoe storage wall rack
  • Comes assembled 

  • Birch wood finish gives the shelf a finessed look
  • Sturdy design because of the solid base
  • Aesthetically pleasing design of the wall mounted shoe self
  • Shoes may easily slip put because of the way it is designed
  • Only fits 5 to 7 pairs of shoes

First and foremost, it is important to understand that this shoe rack will only be able to fit your shoes if you are a small group of people or if you decide to only store daily wear shoes in these specific wall-mounted shoe racks. These shoe shelves, wall mounted, can be nice to look at from afar and can be excellent for displaying shoes. However, these shoe shelves for walls are not durable if you tend to use your furniture in a rough manner.

Wall hanging shoe racks in general should be used with a certain level of care. This is one of the wall mounted shoe organizers on Amazon which is quite high quality, down to its finish. however, this specific wall-mounted shoe rack is not comparable to a wall metal shoe rack, because you can classify it as a small wall-mounted shoe rack and in essence, it will not be as sturdy.

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WYZXR Solid Wooden Wall Shoe Rack

Features we loved:

  • The wood used is Oak
  • Shelf organization
  • Elegant structure

  • Sleek and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Durable contrast of wood and metal for the shelves
  • Wall mounted wire shoe rack
  • Open design
  • Exposed space
  • Flimsy design, not as robust
  • Won’t hold as many shoes

This is said to be a wall mounted wire shoe rack because of the thin and dainty strips of metals that are used as shelves on the wooden wall shoe rack. This shoe rack is good to look at and it will be able to hold shoes for you even if you are a decent number of people because of the organizational system of the shelf.

You will not have to hang shoes on the wall, rather place them near the ground. and managing to keep your thing as separated as possible. This shoe organizer, wall mounted, is good for your home if you prefer nice furniture. It’s a mounted shoe organizer regardless of being set on the ground which means it won’t be moving every which way

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Handmade Group UK Wall Mounted Wooden Shoe Rack

Features we loved

  • Cheaper Price
  • Light, wall mounted wooden shoe rack
  • Minimalist design

  • Sleek design for a wall mounted wooden shoe rack
  • Appears as a thin shoe rack on the wall
  • Cheap price
  • Flimsy design
  • Will not be able to contain too many shoes
  • Not so much a shoe storage on wall, more so, a display for your shoes

This specific design of a mounted shoe organizer isn’t necessarily sturdy, but a person in their lonesome can definitely utilize it, but only for a few shoes. You can not look at this wall-mounted shoe shelf as storage for all your daily shoes if you live with multiple people, because everyone is going to want space. Apart from that, if you simply look at the exterior, it is quite nice and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

You may be able to to paint this shoe storage wall rack as fits in your living space. The shoe rack on the wall design allows for more space on your floor to move around, making it so much more freeing. The thin rods allow your shoe to be stuck in between, they’re wide enough for you to take your shoe out with ease, as well. If you want to learn how to mount a shoe rack, click here

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Handmade Group UK Wall Mounted Solid Wood Pine Rack

Features we loved:

  • Handmade wall mounted wooden shoe rack
  • Thin casing of wood
  • Affordable pricing

  • Thin and sleek design
  • Compact storage space for the wooden wall shoe rack
  • Secure shoe storage on wall
  • Not as much storage space
  • Can only fit smaller shoes and not boots and such
  • Made to order, making it less reliable than corporations

The simple yet elegant design of this mounted shoe organizer is appealing to people who prefer their furniture to look good and be able to add an element of style to their room. This will look amazing as a shoe rack on the wall because it isn’t too heavy duty or unnecessarily bulky. You may be able to place daily wear shoes in this rack easily without fear of them falling out.

The wall mounted shoe shelf isn’t too exposed and allows your shoes to remain secure. The pricing of the shoe rack is also quite affordable and the quality of it fits the price. For a handmade item, there haven’t been many complaints regarding the product.

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QYJ-Shoe Racks

Features we loved:

  • Japanese style of wall mounted wooden shoe rack
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be easily assembled

  • Multifunctional shoe storage on wall
  • Overall compact size
  • Fresh color
  • Easily accessible
  • These types of wall mounted shoe racks are a little too exposed
  • environmentally friendly building equipment is likely to go bad quicker

This is another one of those standard shoe racks mounted on the wall which aren’t on a height but stay steady because of their attachment to the wall. The two colors that the rack comes in can be quite attractive to the buyer because it still is wood, but it looks refined. the eucalyptus extracts used in the making of the shelf are high quality, making the product relatively durable. It also gives the wall-mounted wooden shoe rack, stronger structure.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that this shoe rack is quite practical due to its smaller size, it is also multi-functional, meaning if one day you decide that you want to use it as something other than wall mounted shoe racks, you will be able to. Also, this shoe rack has relatively more space than other mentioned in this article.

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WCS Vertical Wooden Shoe Rack

Features we loved:

  • Can be assembled and taken apart quite easily
  • Round cornered shoe rack mounted on wall
  • Well processed wood is used in the making of this wooden, wall mounted shoe rack

  • Looks elegant
  • Can be seen as a tall, wall mounted shoe rack, good for keeping shoes at a certain height
  • Well made walls/borders for the shoes
  • Only occupies more space but still has pretty much the same storage space as the rest of the wooden, wall mounted shoe racks

The rounded edges make the shoe rack safe if you have kids inside your home. The chance that your little one will get hurt because of the wooden shoe rack is little to none regardless of its obvious height. The rack does not necessarily come with the option to be mounted but you may be able to take a drill to one of the sides of the shelf and it will be attached to the wall in the same amount of time. The sheer style of the wooden wall shoe rack will give character to your living space. The tall, wall mounted shoe rack is also multi-functional.

The price of the shoe rack isn’t exactly affordable but the structure and robust nature of the piece of furniture makes it worth the price. The shoe cabinet is user-friendly and fulfills the purpose of an average shoe rack. Click here if you want to know more about what wall mounted shoe racks were derived from.

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Wall mounted shoe racks are relatively difficult to find as compared to metal shoe racks, however, they are long-lasting and give the room a classic look. They are less likely to get rusty and more likely to have more storage space and walls that are less prone to succumbing under pressure. If you require a shoe cabinet, wall mounted, giving wood a shot would be a good idea.

Hopefully, this article would have been able to guide you in terms of the variations in which these wall mounted shoe racks are available to the general public. There are options of hand made or different heights and sizes. There are limited styles to choose from if you do have your heart set out on wood, but the end result is usually something timeless and beautiful. Plus, it is easier mounting wood to the wall.

You can make an informed decision depending on what you want based off of the options that have been mentioned above.

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