Everything You Need to Know About Wall Mounted Wine Racks [Buyer’s Guide]

“When you place your wine on a wine rack, it becomes much easier to keep track of your drinking habits”

If you are an avid wine drinker then there is no doubt that you agree with us on this. A wall mounted wine rack is something that will instantly make you feel better about your drinking habits. A wine rack wall mount will also make it easier for you to decide from the plethora of options, which wine would suit you best according to your mood, as they will perfectly be lined up against your wall.

However, it is no easy task to find the best wall mounted wine rack that suits your needs the most. It is even more difficult to figure out how to correctly mount the wall mounted wine rack in your house and of course, to decide its optimal placement. Usually one has several wall mounted wine rack ideas but is unable to put their thoughts into action the correct way.

That is why, whether it is a rustic wall mounted wine rack you decide to get, a wood wall mounted wine rack, a wall mounted wine glass rack or a modern wall wine rack, you need to know to assemble it. Furthermore, you need to have ample information how on how to mount it and make full use of it. So, continue reading this article up until the Conclusion to find out!

Wall Mounted Wine Racks in 2021:

How to: Assemble

Accessories needed:

  • Electric drill
  • Spirit level
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil

Before buying a wall mounted wine rack from Amazon, you need to learn how to assemble a wall mounted wine bottle rack. But do not worry, it’s pretty simple. The very first thing you need to do is locate the instruction manual which comes with any wall mounted wine rack, whether it is a wall mounted metal wine rack, wooden wall mounted wine rack, or any other kind.

According to the instructions provided, some of the nails will have to be installed with the help of a screwdriver and the bigger ones with the help of the electric drill. The base will have to be attached to the other parts of the mounted wine racks with the help of an electric drill. Be sure not to try and do this with a screwdriver or your horizontal wine rack wall mounted or vertical wine rack wall mounted will end up flimsy and fall apart pretty soon.

The next thing you need to make sure you do while assembling your best wall mounted wine rack is to check the plans to make sure there are no parts that need to be mounted directly as part of the assembling process. If there are any such parts then the holes will need to be drilled into the wall after using the measuring tape and pencil to mark the accurate locations. Check down below further about the mounting process!

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How to: Mount

Accessories needed:

  • Measuring tape
  • A sturdy and empty wall
  • Spirit level
  • Hammer

Before starting the mounting process of your wine rack wall mounted, you need to figure out its exact placement. Without doing so, if you start mounting the wall mounted coat rack, then it will not matter whether it is a wall mounted wall rack modern or a wall mounted wine rack of wood, it is bound to feel frail and chances are it will fall off the wall soon. And of course, we do not want that, right? So placement is key!

If you have already installed any parts during the assembling process then those parts can act as your guide. But if not, then no worries, you can start mounting now! You have to decide whether you want it to be horizontal or vertical because the beauty of the best wall mounted wine racks is that they are built so that you can choose according to your taste and wall spacing what angle you want to mount it on. So be sure to check out wall mounted wine rack ideas when you are about to mount your rack!

After you are done deciding this, you can simply drill in the holes, all the while referring back to the instruction manual to make sure you are doing it all right. Then with the help of someone else, you can mount the pieces you had already assembled previously onto the wall. We recommend that you do not do this alone as it can cause accidents. So, an extra helping hand will do you good for sure when you are mounting your wine rack wall mounted.

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How to: Use

Well, you might be thinking that if you are purchasing a wine rack then obviously you know how to use it, right? Well, the thing is that this might not necessarily be true. And we have promised you an ultimate guide of sorts today, and that is exactly what we will provide you with. So, read on how to use a wine rack wall mounted.

First thing’s first, you need to pay heed to what kind of a wine rack you exactly have. Is it a wall mounted wine rack with a glass holder? If yes, then the placement of this rack needs to be near your furniture so that you can use the glass holder for holding the glasses when you are drinking wine and when you are not, both!

If it is a rustic wall mounted wine rack then you need to place it according to the other furniture in your room and use it as not only a piece of furniture to hold your wine but something to increase the aesthetic of your room. Perhaps, you can place it next to a light wooden desk or an antique-looking chair. Am I right?

On the other hand, if you have successfully mounted your wall mounted wine rack with cabinet then you immediately need to find a use for the cabinet. Maybe place some spices or snacks in the cabinet that you enjoy having with the wine! Or the cabinet can be used to store wine glasses and can fulfill the purpose of a glass holder as well.

So, you must have gotten the hang of it by now. Just thinking that your wine rack has a single use of holding your wine is not the right way to go. You need to use it to its full potential according to whatever material and design of a wine rack wall mounted you own. Another way that you can utilize your wall mounted wine rack is to add some personal touches to it.

The way to do this is, you can add things like artificial vines or different colored fairy lights. This way it will look more festive and decorative and add to the decor of your house. Not only will it store your wine then but it will be a complete experience for you and anyone who visits your place!

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Some of Our Favourites:

Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack

Features we loved:

  • Vertical
  • Holds 9 bottles
  • Minimalistic

  • Saves space
  • Compartmentalized
  • Modern look
  • No extra features
  • Comparatively lightweight

This is one of the best wall mounted wine racks because it has the capacity to hold more bottles than most wall mounted wine racks from Amazon. It is also made of very sturdy and chic steel which will assure that your wine remains in safe hands and the bottles do not slip and fall onto the ground. It also does not take up much space on the wall and is the perfect match for any wine drinker with a minimalistic personality. Who says you cannot be low maintenance and still own great quality products? Anyone who says so can be proven wrong with this product for sure!

SODUKU Wall Mounted Wine Rack 

Features we loved:

  • Minimalistic
  • Saves space
  • Wooden surface

  • Adaptable to any room
  • Wood color options
  • Steel frame
  • Too small
  • No drawers

This wood wall mounted wine rack comes with its own sturdy glass holders and a shelf as well! The steel glass holder compartment will help you elegantly hang your wine glasses. Perfect for both, a drink with colleagues or all on your own on a Friday night after a hard day at work. This modern wall wine rack does its job and so much more. You can mount it on any wall of your house without worrying about messing with the aesthetic or ambiance. This is due to the fact that this wall mounted wine rack with a glass holder is compact and goes well with all color schemes.

Rustic State Sonoma Wood Wine Rack 

Features we loved:

  • Storage space
  • Sturdy
  • Modern look

  • Flattens completely
  • Easy assembly
  • Contemporary design
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Colour a little dull

This wooden wine rack is even more robust than any metal wall wine rack that you can possibly find. It is made up of very thick wood and it is compartmentalized completely unlike moat other wine racks, especially metal wall wine racks. Your wine bottles cannot be safer anywhere than they will be when placed delicately inside this wall mounted wine rack. Furthermore, the top of this wine rack can even be used as a small shelf to place your belongings or any ornaments to increase the show of your room. Additionally, it is also compact and you will not have to find too much of empty space on the wall in order to be able to mount it.

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If you have reached this point of the article regarding the best wall mounted wine racks, then kudos to you! It means that you have fully taken in all the information and knowledge regarding wine racks that we have provided for you. Now it does not matter if it is a metal wine rack for the wall, a silver wall mounted wine rack, a black wall mounted wine rack, or a chrome wine rack that is wall mounted, you will be able to assemble, mount and use it well!

So, now all that is left for you to do is go get your wall mounted wine rack from Amazon. And after that, your journey with your wall mounted wine rack of modern design or wall mounted wine rack of wood will be all yours to fumble and play around with. That is why you should hurry and put all this knowledge to good use. And let your friends know about it too if they have similar drinking habits as you!

Especially if you are an avid wine drinker, it should not even matter if you own a wall mounted metal wine rack or a wall mounted wine rack with a cabinet. Whichever kind you end up getting, you will be able to make use of it to its maximum potential, and there is no question there! That is it is definitely in your own best interest that you head over to Amazon as soon as possible and pick out your wall mounted wine rack.

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