7 Wall Mounted Shoe Racks for Garage in 2021 – [Reviewed]

“Our house is a sanctuary which should always be kept clean”

That said, shoes are a massive contributing culprit for all your house dirt. So, having a wall mounted shoe rack for the garage necessary to eliminate this small contributing factor from making your house dirty. Of course, shoes are not the only ones that can make your house dirty.

However, shoes are the ones that have the most contact with the ground. And wall mounted shoe racks are a great way to avoid that groud mud/dirt to make their way inside your house. Plus it’s always better to have a wall-hung shoe rack or mounted shoe rack to save space, enhance the looks of your garage & keep your household members in line with shoe etiquettes.

So, keeping all these thoughts in mind, we researched & came up with this list of some of the best shoe racks for garage that you can buy right now. Not only this, but we’ll also provide you some information regarding how to build a shoe rack for garage.

Now without wasting more time, let’s find you the most suited wall mounted shoe rack for your garage. But before we start, don’t forget to check out more of our articles to and enhance the looks of your walls with products such as 10 Best Metal Wall Mounted Shoe Rack & Best wall mounted pull up bar.

But for now, let’s get straight to the point!

Wall Mounted Shoe Racks for Garage in 2021

Here are our top choices for top quality & best wall shoe racks for you to buy.

mDesign Modern Metal Shoe Organizer

Features we loved

  • Stylish looking design
  • Best fit for organization freaks
  • Very Easy to Install

  • Durable build quality
  • Height changeable for each level
  • No slippage issues with V-shape design
  • Requires drilling to mount this rack
  • Included screws are not the greatest

While searching the internet for wall hanging shoe racks, we came across this unique looking V-shaped one.  The main thing that attracts most people to this is the design and height adjustment. Moreover, installing this thing is a breeze, however, you do need a drill for that job. Which you can easily rent from your local hardware store.

This product looks like a wall mounted shoe shelves that we see most of the time in some high-end shops. Nevertheless, this wall mounted shoe shelf can be easily installed by drilling & hooking up two screws in the wall.

This is perfect for garages where sometimes there is limited space on the wall. Although the included screws are not the finest ones, we recommend using third party strong ones for this wall attached shoe rack.

Since this is a wall mounted metal shoe rack, build quality is not an issue. And you can fit any size shoe on, some might extend out of the overall design but can still sit sturdily on to the rack. Since it’s a compact wall attached shoe rack, it’s perfect for your garage.

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STORAGE MANIAC Wall mounted Wire Shoe Rack

Features we loved

  • Suitable for Garage, RV, and much more
  • Functionality not limited to shoes only
  • Affordable pricing

  • Durable build quality
  • A lot of storage space for the price (12 Pockets)
  • Easy to mount, does not require complex tools.
  • Not suitable for shoes oversize 6
  • Cleaning might be an issue

For most people, space constraint is a constant battle, and when it comes to wall-mounted shoe rack for garages, space can be an issue. The storage maniac can solve your space issue with a breeze.  Lightweight, and 12 pockets compact design help you store different pair of shoes in this wall hanging shoe rack.

Of course, it does look more like a DIY wall mounted shoe rack, however, it offers a good & sturdy build quality with polyester canvas. And of course, the pockets are not limited to shoe storage, it can serve as a multipurpose storage device for your garage, RV, or even rooms.

This wall hung shoe rack wall mount process is relatively easier since you don’t need expensive tools to attach it to your walls. Moreover, the pockets are not too small either, so you can store most shoe sizes with ease.

All-in-all, this can serve as a perfect wall mounted shoe rack for closets, garages, RV, or any other place in your house with space constraints. Cleaning might be an issue since it has deep pockets, however, what makes it one of the best shoe racks for a garage is its installation ease. So, you can remove & clean this without any issues. And it’s not just a shoe rack, it’s more of a wall mounted shoe storage cabinet.

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J-me Horizontal Shoe Rack

Features we loved

  • Stylish Storage Design
  • Superior stainless steel build quality
  • Compact size

  • Perfect for heels & flat shoes
  • Takes just a few minutes to mount
  • Easy to clean
  • Expensive
  • Can rust

As interior decrators we think that even a unique looking shoe rack can enhance the looks of your interior. Although we are not here talking about white wall mounted shoe racks for your house. We are discussing wall mounted shoe racks for garages.

Well, what makes this one the best shoe rack for your garage is its compact design & build quality. And especially for ladies who wear high heels, this wall mounted metal shoe rack will is perfect since it can fit all your high heels with ease.

Moreover, unlike some wall-mounted shoe cabinets, this one is very easy to clean. Just take a simple cloth & wipe it off, and Wallah! That is all there is to it. The mounting process does require drilling the wall & the housing needs to match the screws perfectly.

Nevertheless, the mounting process itself is pretty simple. The main concern, that we’ve with this wall-mounted shoe shelf is the price. It’s very expensive if you consider the functionality. Of course, you can order up to 48 inches long design, however, that might still be expensive for some people.

Although considering all the features & durability, this mounted shoe rack can be considered a viable option.

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MyGift Black Metal Wall Mounted Rack

Features we loved

  • 18 pair storage capability
  • Can even store big boots
  • Wide enough for most men shoes

  • Easy to understand instructions for installation
  • Sturdy & secure
  • Only require 4 screws into the wall for installation
  • Not the greatest welds
  • A bit expensive

Having a household with multiple members or constant guests visitors can be a nightmare for shoe organization. MyGift black metal is a tall wall mounted shoe rack is perfect for upto 18 pair of shoe storage and can enhance your shoe organization experience.

This wall-mounted metal shoe rack only requires 4 screws to attach to your wall and takes only 15-20 minutes to install with easy instructions. However, since it’s not that compact, you do need to have some extra space on your garage wall to install this properly.

Usually, most shoe racks are not well suited for men’s shoes, however, this one is. And the best part is, it comes with a storage option for big boots as well. So, with this, you can keep all the nasty dirt, bacteria, and other things that your shoes drag along at the bay.

The price of this wall hung shoe rack might seem a bit expensive, however, the build quality & storage is good enough. Although some people do complain about the welds not being the greatest. But that’s not a massive issue as per most customers.

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MyGift 9-Pair Wall Mounted Rack

Features we loved

  • Space saver
  • Easy to Install
  • Metal wire sturdy quality

  • Compact Design
  • Can be used with shoes & boots
  • Not that cheap
  • No mounting hardware

This is another best shoe wall rack from MyGift. Just by the looks of it, it does seem like a mini version of our above-mentioned product. And of course, that’s true. Though this one only offers a 9 pair capacity, and it’s compact.

Moreover, with its compact size, this will feel like wall mounted shoe hooks. As far as the features is concerned, this wall mounted shoe shelf also offers boot storage space at the bottom. So, if your garage is limited on space & you need to store different type of shoes. Then this can be a viable option.

As per most people, installing this wall mounted shoe rack is easy, however, it does not comes with a mouting hardware. Other than this, it sits at the price of 59.99$ which is not cheap for this compact design.

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Yocice Wall Mounted Shoes Rack

Features we loved

  • Very Compact
  • Simple Design
  • Suitable for 4 pack of shoes

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to install sticky strip
  • Sticky strip failed for some people
  • Not fit for big shoe sizes

If you’re looking for a truly a compact shoe rack for wall, Yocice four pair one is top contender in this category. Space constraints? Not handy with tools? No Worries, this compact wall mounted shoe shelf comes with sticky strips.

The sticky strips make it a perfect easy to install device & the low pricing of 16$ makes it one of the best shoe rack for the garage. Although unlike Wall mounted wooden shoe racks or metal ones, this one does not support big shoe sizes.

However, as compared to a  wooden shoe rack, it’s relatively easy to install by just sticking it to the wall. Well, the sticking for most people works great, however, some people did complain about the sticking not handling heavy loads.

When it comes to design, this looks similar to many white wire shoe racks in the market, by similar we mean just by the look of it, not the functionality.

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Baffect Hanging Shoe Organizer

Features we loved

  • Very simple
  • Can  be installed with Adhesive sticker or mounts

  • Price-wise Affordable
  • Compact design makes it great for small spaces
  • Bland design
  • Adhesive sticking issues

Looking for a no-non sense, and basic design for wall mounted shoe racks for closets or garage? Baffect Hanging Shoe organizer is the answer for cheap & basic looking shoe organizer. If you just want to get the job done, and have space constraints. This white wall mounted shoe rack will get the job done.

With two options of adhesive & mounting application, you can easily install it. However, we do recommend mounting it, since the adhesive is not that high quality. The design will not attract much attention, however, these walls mounted shoe hooks will get the job done and keep your shoes off the floor.

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In our search for wall mounted shoe cabinets or racks, we came up with this list of some of the most unique and different designs. Some of these shoe racks will truly enhance the interior looks of your home or even garage. While others will just get the job done.

Whether it’s a wooden wall shoe rack, metal wall shoe rack, or a plastic one. All of them can help you keep your shoes off the ground when in-house. So, we hope that you found the perfect wall mounted shoe cabinet. But before you go, stick around and learn more about how to build a wall mounted shoe rack in our guide section down below:

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How to Build a Wall Mounted Shoe Rack For Your Garage?

Although, as you might have noticed while reading through this article, that wall mounted shoe racks are not that expensive, However, if you are still interested in building a wall mounted shoe rack for your garage we recommend building a wooden one. For that, use  the following video for a step by step guide for a wooden shoe rack for your ease:

However, if you are looking for more ideas for shoe racks DIY’s check out this detailed resource. Or refer to our guide on 5 Best Wire Wall Mounted Shoe Racks in 2021, to find more options & guidance. And if you are just looking for Wooden pre-made wall mounts. Check out our related guide on the Best Wooden Wall Mounted Shoe Racks

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