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  Working out is an important hobby  

But it’s not always easy to do so when you’re preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of daily life. This is usually because finding the time is particularly problematic especially when you have a million other things to worry about and take care of.

In the face of this, your workout needs to be easy to do and most importantly, accessible. Many people waste a lot of money on gym memberships and barely end up using it.

But if you buy the right products, you’ll be able to set up a decent workout routine for yourself right at home. Also, check out Best Wall Mounted Electric Heaters and Best Wall Mounted Range Hoods

The Benefit of Compound Exercises

Most people who start working out are looking to fix an uneven distribution of body fat. But the biggest mistake they end up making is going for minute small-scale exercises. This is not the way to go because, with small-scale exercises like bicep curls, you only target one or two muscles at a time.

So you might be working those muscles really well but you won’t see big differences any time soon. This can put people off working out and is the reason why Compound Exercises are the way to go. These target more than just one muscle group and end up giving you an overall steady improvement to meet your goal.

Which Compound Exercise?

Pull-ups. This is the ultimate bodyweight exercise. It helps build tremendous upper body strength whilst maintaining the structural integrity of your torso. There are a great many people who start working out using the wrong methods and end up injuring themselves because they aren’t balancing their target muscle groups. Compound exercises like pushups and pullups help you avoid that if you’re just starting out.

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Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Where to mount?

This is one of those questions that gets asked a lot by a great many people. If you get a wall-mounted pull-up bar, where to mount it?

Fitness is not about aesthetics. What you need to do is to find a space that is empty and unused and mount it there. This is because you need ample room to allow your body to move and also ample room to mess up so that you don’t break anything. So don’t make the mistake of mounting it in a congested area just because it ‘goes with the room’. Find unused empty space, mount it there.

How to wall mount a pull up bar?

Many people aren’t exactly savvy with home equipment installation and that’s okay. There are a lot of reasons why one might not know how to install pull-up bar on wall. Wall mounted pull up bar installation is not that complicated. Most of these will either come with a bracket that needs to be screwed in tightly into the wall.

The only thing I’d recommend is checking out the strength of the wall itself. A lot of time, some walls aren’t made strong enough to withstand heavyweights. And if you make the mistake of installing your pull-up bar wall mount on a weak wall, it’s going to fall off and possibly injure you.

So to avoid that painful experience, I would recommend that you do your research!

The best-rated wall-mounted pull-up bars are well balanced.

The Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar – Advantage

So what exactly makes the wall-mounted pull up bar worth buying? There are many reasons besides basic spacing arrangements. For one, the pull-up bar installation is not as much of a lucrative process as is mounting regular contemporary pull-up bars.

Normal pull up bars need two adjacent walls to line up just right so that you may utilize them. This, in my opinion, leads to a pretty aesthetically absurd outcome. Most people mount these pull up bars inside of the door frame which looks pretty ugly.

With wall-mounted pull up bars, this is not even an issue. You’ll find that most wall-mounted pull up bars have multi-grip which leads to a far more effective routine as well as a far more aesthetically pleasing look. You’ll be able to exercise using various methods and also save space and the look of your room.

Not just that, adjustable wall-mounted pull up bars are all the rage right now. So you have yet again another layer of versatility in your workout routine.

I’ve also noted that most of these wall mounted pull up bars are look amazing in a gym setting. The look of it goes well in combination with general gym equipment; far more so than the ugly steel rods that people place on their door frame.

General Workout Versatility

If you’re just starting out you might be tempted to think that buying a ceiling mount pull up bar is more appropriate. But trust me, you’re going to regret that decision.

As you climb the hierarchies of difficulty in your workout routine, you’re going to want to work on different muscle groups in isolation. One thing that always helps with that is the adjustability of your workout equipment.

In bodyweight workouts, people swap out their dumbells with larger and much heavier weights to increase difficulty. The same can be done for your pull ups if your pull up bar is adjustable and fortunately – wall-mounted pull up bars always are!

So as you go and attack your workout routine day in and day out, you’re going to love having the liberty to adjust the grips and length of your pull up bars to mix up that routine.

If you want a broad chest, you’re going to increase the width and vice versa. This level of versatility is very difficult to find in the more contemporary gym equipment, especially pull up bars.

A Safer Option

Earlier, I talked about how wall integrity is especially important when it comes to mounting your pull up bar. Well, think about the same if you’re making the mistake of purchasing a ceiling-mounted pull up bar. You may get into trouble with your landlord for mounting such equipment.

And even if you don’t, you always run the risk of breaking or compromising the structural integrity of the ceiling. This is especially a problem with old houses and it’s very difficult to get repairs done once you’ve damaged your ceiling by putting too much weight on it.


This guide was meant to provide honest and well-rounded advice for those who are thinking of purchasing a pull up bar. Wall-mounted pull up bars are far more superior to any other type of mounted pull up bars in almost every category.

By purchasing one, you get better quality, better grip, better safety, and better workouts. If you liked this article, be sure to check out some of our other ones about all kinds of wall mounted products not just relating to fitness:


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