10 Best Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

Where there is dirt there is a need to clean. Now in between the traditional pick and mop cleaning method, vacuums too are a real addition and solution to the cleaning problem. Especially for the garage where lots of dust and small debris is present, finding the best wall mounted garage vacuum becomes a necessity because we often find it difficult or extremely time taking to get into hard-to-get places to ensure a complete clean. 

A garage vacuum system which can be the most powerful garage vacuum in its class or something that can be a more compact vacuum system, is all dependent on what you require.

We on the other hand have compiled this list where it meets you requirements by providing you with an all-around vacuum choice covering the different aspects and requirements that can be present in a garage setting. 

Some of the different aspects we have covered for a wide variety of garage wall mounted vacuum are the different dirt storage capacities, different vacuuming power and the various types of hose attachments. 

What you will find in the below list are both wall mounted and some honorable mentions that serve as the best garage vacuum in terms of their maneuverability, their power and their overall rating of providing the best vacuuming. You can also check out our guides called Conclusion and How To, for more help!

BISSELL Wall Mounted Pro Garage Vacuum

Amazing features we loved

  • Powerful 12Amp vacuum
  • 32 feet long hose
  • 7 various attachments
  • Blower conversion system

  • Good for wet and dry
  • 4 gallon dirt tank
  • Wall mounting
  • Slightly expensive than others
  • Cleaning mechanism requires effort

Really among the best small garage vacuum group where its powerful 12Amp vacuum is sufficient for picking up both wet and dry messes. Another useful feature for this wall mounted garage vacuum is it blower feature alongside a helix suction system with 7 different attachments and a bag for cleaning the floor, carpet or even car upholstery. Its 4 gallon dirt compartment, filtration, an extremely useful 32 feet vacuum hose with a 5 feet cord for convenient installation and lastly with a wall mounting kit really makes it an ideal choice for every garage. 

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Armor All Utility Vacuum AA225

Amazing features we loved

  • 2.5 gallon dirt capacity
  • Polypropylene tank
  • Small and portable

  • Blower function
  • Accessory and hose storage
  • 2hp compact motor
  • Hose length is fairly small
  • No wall mount included

With a peak 2hp producing motor and a compact design, it is one of the best small garage vacuum with a sufficient 2.5 gallon polypropylene tank that works extremely well under slightly higher or even lower temperatures. Its one hand carry design makes it ideal as a portable garage vacuum. It might not be a wall mount shop vacuum but does not lack in any aspect where its convenience stays at par with the aim of providing the best clean without much load. 

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Vacmaster Wall Mounted Vaccum VWM510

Amazing features we loved

  • Low noise level
  • 20 feet cord length
  • 41 feet hose length

  • Wide range of accessories
  • 2 stage motor for power
  • Foam wet filter
  • Hose extensions fitting is sometimes lose
  • Motor is slightly under powered for heavy duty
  • Coming at number 4, this compact and full of features garage mounted vacuum is really one of the best wall mounted garage vacuum. Its 2 stage motor makes for its quiet operation and a powerful suction motor for an all-around cleaning. A mandatory feature that is required is the hose length and this hang shop vac in garage has a 41 feet reach with various extensions. It even has a remote control and a foam wet filter for both wet and dry, all the while maintain low levels of noise. 

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    VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted Garage Vaccum

    Amazing features we loved

    • 7-gallon dirt capacity
    • Corrosion resistant
    • 50 feet hose

    • HEPA style bag
    • Cleaning it is easier
    • Lasts longer
    • Slightly expensive than others
    • Brushes strength is less

    This garage central vacuum system fits it role as the best vacuum for garage floor, with its 50 feet hose, a hanger, caddy for easy transportation with a dusting brush and its tools. The proof for its quality is the galvanized steel with powder coating for corrosion resistant finish. Another salient feature for this garage car vacuum is its 7 gallon dirt tank and a HEPA-style bag which means cleaning your vacuum is no hassle. Lastly, its powerful motor that lasts up to 75% more than some other brands. 

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    Stanley Portable Car Vacuum SL18910P-3

    Amazing features we loved

    • 3hp vacuum
    • Good for both wet and dry
    • 3 in 1 nozzle

    • Lightweight
    • Portable
    • Fit for car cleaning
    • Power cord is smaller
    • No wide variety of extensions

    There may not be a garage vacuum wall mount system for this one but this compact, value for money, powerful and one of the best small garage vacuum is a 3hp producing vacuum for a complete clean. Its 11L capacity and its portable nature makes its easier to reach all around the car and your garage. Its 2 in 1 function makes its great for both wet and dry debris with its 10 feet hose and a 6 feet power cord, its lightweight nature makes this garage car vacuum an ideal choice

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    Stanley Powerful Wet/Dry Vacuum

    Amazing features we loved

    • A wide range of extensions
    • Great for wet and dry
    • Can act as a blower

    • 4hp producing powerful motor
    • 22L capacity
    • Sturdy design
    • No wall mount
    • Smaller hose length

    This can easy be an ideal choice for a garage central vacuum system with its powerful 4hp motor making vacuuming for wet and dry debris all the more easier. Its large capacity of 22L makes it as one of the best small garage vacuum. Alongside its vacuuming function, it can even act as a blower with its 16 feet hose range and a 10 feet power cord range. Its four swivel movers make for an easy to maneuver on the garage floor. 

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    Stanley Stainless Steel Hanging Vacuum

    Amazing features we loved

    • Strong design
    • Lightweight
    • Wall mountable
    • 26 feet cleaning range

    • Various different cleaning attachments
    • Wet and dry
    • 4hp motor
    • Large storage tank
    • Slightly expensive than others
    • The design is bulky for small spaces

    This garage wall mounted vacuum has a league of its own with its 4hp motor and a large dirt holding tank of 4.5 gallons. With its wall mountable feature it saves up your garage space and as for this hang shop vac in garage it provides a long 26 feet of cleaning range. Its easy to install and lightweight design really makes it as one of the best vacuum for garage floor and all that requires cleaning, be it wet or dry. To cater to the different needs it features a wide range of cleaning nozzles for an extra fine clean with this commercial garage vacuum.

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    Vacmaster Professional

    Amazing features we loved

    • 5 gallon storage capacity
    • Powerful motor
    • Peak 5.5hp production

    • Hose storage
    • 18 feet cord length
    • Function of a blower
    • Not mountable
    • Hose length is really small
    • No wheels for easy moving around

    This one really is a small yet extremely powerful 5.5hp vacuum making it a suitable contender for the title of “Beast”. Its 5 gallon storage capacity and a polypropylene tank provides a premium feel to it. This really is one of the best garage vacuum with its 18 feet cord and a high efficiency motor. Some other features include its seamless conversion to a blower and its flexible hose. What really makes it stand out again is its compact, powerful system. 

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    Vacmaster Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

    Amazing features we loved

    • 5 gallon capacity
    • Super quiet running
    • Remote switch on and off

    • 5 hp powerful motor
    • Polypropylene tank
    • Dust sealing
    • The dimension are bulky
    • Hose flexibility is sometimes limited

    A really strong and sturdy design with a nice chunky feel to it be in line with its powerful 5hp vacuum capability and a 5 gallon storage. This vacuum by Vacmaster too is a polypropylene tank with a 5hp motor. All of this is in part due to its 2-stage industrial motor that is ideal for great vacuuming power. What makes it as an ideal garage mounted vacuum is its super quiet operating noise which is only 74 dB and the feature for it remote on and off. What makes it really sturdy is it overall build quality and attention to detail.

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    WORKSHOP Portable Wall Mounted Vacuum

    Amazing features we loved

    • Wall mounting
    • Quick release locking hose
    • Locking filter for wet and dry
    • 5hp motor

    • Auto shut off feature
    • Overflow prevention for wet
    • Portable 
    • 5 gallon tank
    • Hoses attachments are lose sometimes
    • Motor bearings might need repair after some use

    As we reach the bottom of this list, we have here an advanced garage vacuum system that is ideal as a wall mounted vacuum where its accessories are specifically designed to be the best garage vacuum. Its Quick-Release Locking Hose keeps the hose attached to this wall mount vacuum which is ideal for a shop setting. Its advanced Qwik Lock Filter makes its great for wet and dry vacuuming alongside its large carry handle and a power switch allowing for smooth operation at every time. Its different attachments make for serving to many different purposes, where hard-to-reach places in a car are easily cleaned.


    Now that we reach the end of this list for the best wall mounted garage vacuum, we hope that we have made your buying decision hassle free, so that when you purchase your next garage vacuum, you really have the best vacuum for garage floor which is a complete garage central vacuum system. All of the different components that really matter in the best small garage vacuum that is wall mounted have been mentioned in the above text. 

    You might find some options that are not wall mountable but their compact and portable nature make for an ideal garage vacuum where they too are a powerful vacuum with strong motors, providing easy moving around with different extensions and cord lengths for greater comfort while vacuuming.

    How to Use

    There are some key points that are worth remembering where you need to learn on how to buy the best wall mounted garage vacuum

    1.  The mounting should be easy
    2.  The vacuuming power should be sufficient in accordance to its hose length
    3.  The size should be compact enough for greater storage of dirt and lesser space taking
    4.  The best small garage vacuum as different extension accessories for every type of work
    5.  The build quality is durable and sturdy

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