Everything You Need to Know About Wall Mounted Desks [Buyer’s Guide]

“A well-maintained wall mounted desk makes it feel like everything is in place”

If you are all about organization and to-do lists, and especially if you work from home often, then I am sure you do agree. And that is why We will be talking about wall mounted desks today. A wall mounted office desk is exactly what you need in order to give your home or otherwise, office, the perfect finishing touch.

That being said, it is never easy to learn how to install such furniture in a way that aids convenience, along with being able to provide you with their full use. Some people prefer wall mounted desk DIYs, while others make extensive wall mounted desk plans in order to get the job done.

So, in order to learn about wall mounted desk organizers, wall mounted desk systems, and much more, make sure to continue reading this article till the very end. We have also included some of our favourite wall mounted desks and wall mounted office desks from Amazon for you, so you can check them out as well!

Wall Mounted Desks in 2021:

How to: Assemble

Accessories needed:

  • Electric drill
  • Spirit level
  • Hammer

In order to start assembling your wall mounted desk, first and foremost you have to find the diagram that comes folded inside the packaging. Make sure to take some time and digest what the diagram is really telling you to do with your wall mounted desk brackets, wall mounted desk hutch and all other parts of your wall mounted desk.

If you understood the diagram correctly, you will learn that you have to install all the hardware before trying to mount it onto the wall. And the first pieces of hardware that will have to be installed are the nails of all different shapes and sizes. These will also be found inside the packaging of your wall mounted PC desk. Slowly as you do this, you should see the entire desk coming together as one assemble instead of a bunch of separate pieces of wood only. If you see this happening gradually, over time, then it means that you are on the right track!

A tip we have for you is to place your wall mounted desk system on its back in order to ease the assembling process! It will be especially more comfortable for you when you use the director screws in order to secure the nails on the side.

Another rule of thumb for you should be that you should not be in a hurry to get it mounted onto the wall. Until you are not 100% sure that it has been assembled completely and it fully ready to be placed on your beloved wall, do not even try to check its placement or try to mount it in pieces. It should be one complete piece before you mount it.

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How to: Mount

Accessories needed:

  • Measuring tape
  • A sturdy and empty wall
  • Spirit level
  • Hammer drill
  • Hammer
  • Vinyl stickers

One of the most important factors when adjusting your wall mounted desk with drawers onto the wall is to keep an optimal distance between the wall mounted office desk and the ground. When you build your own wall mounted desk, you have the luxury of deciding precisely where the desk will be mounted.

So, here is our secret tip for you; when you mount your desk, the wall mounted desk shelf right at the bottom needs to be at least 70mm above the ground. As we mentioned earlier, when you build your own wall mounted desk, you can place it at an optimal level. This means that it should not be so high that you have a hard time adjusting your chair to be able to reach the wall mounted desktop computer table And at the same time, it should not be so close to the ground that your knees cannot properly fit under the wall mounted desktop.

Once you have the placement figured out, you will have to drill the initial holes into the wall. You will have to refer to your diagram again, but most likely your wall mounted office desk will need about five holes drilled in. That too, before you mount anything at all. The wall mounted desk brackets will go first and then the wall mountain pulls down desk.

Do not forget to cover the drill holes with vinyl stickers at the very end. Just because you build your own wall mounted desk, does not mean it does not have to look as if it was built to perfection! If you follow the diagram step-by-step and make sure to not miss even the simplest of instructions, i.e, installing one singular tiny nail in its place, then it is a guarantee that it will be mounted perfectly and will not cause you any problems in the future.

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How to: Use

Now, at this point, you must be thinking, hey! It is a desk after all, so, why do we need to know how to use it? Well, we promised you an ultimate guide regarding wall mounted office desks and that is exactly what you will get. A wall mounted desk is special, it is not like any ordinary standing desk. And when you have a DIY wall mounted desk in front of you in all its glory, you need to give it what it deserves: maximum use!

Even though many refer to it as a wall mounted ‘computer desk’, it is not only that. Yes, it is a place to place and work on your computer, but it is capable of being much more than that as well.

If you do not have enough space for the size of the wall mounted desk that you wish to have, do not worry! Then a wall mounted fold down desk will be the most suitable option for you. The way to use a wall mounted fold down desk is, you pull it down when needed. Otherwise, it will remain flat vertically on the wall and will take up minimal space. If you live in a place like or similar to a studio apartment, this option will save your life. A fold-down wall desk, even though cannot be used to place many ornaments or decorations, will be quite helpful in providing you with the use of a fully-functioning desk table without taking up the space it should.

A wall mounted fold away desk is slightly different than the kind that we have talked about in the paragraph above. If you study a variety of wall hung desk plans, then you will be able to spot the difference. The difference between these two kinds of DIY wall mounted desks is that the one that ‘folds away’ can fold in any direction. Not necessarily towards the bottom. This gives you more of a choice on where to place it on your wall.

Other than that, the correct way to use a DIY wall mounted desk is to make sure that you use all of the space on its shelves and surface. The shelves can be used to place things that do not need to be removed often but you use them when you are working on your wall mounted computer desk. The drawers should be used for stationery and other little accessories that tend to get lost if you do not keep them in a safe place. And lastly, the surface should be used for things that you use all the time but also take with you when you leave the desk, like notebooks.

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Some of Our Favourites:

HOMCOM Wall Mounted Workstation

Features we loved:

  • Aesthetic look
  • Folding surface
  • Thorough instructions

  • Saves space
  • Many storage options
  • Contemporary design
  • Not very big
  • Difficult assembly

This wall mounted desk is perfect for someone who wants to maintain the formal ambiance of their study room yet they do not have ample amount of space to do so. This is because of this desk of this desk’s sliding surface. When needed it can be extended out and can give you enough space to work comfortably. However, when not in use, it can be pushed inside. At the same time, the black or coffee-colored wood of this desk makes it both chic and professional. The perfect addition to any office.

Walker Edison Modern Writing Desk

Features we loved:

  • Minimalistic
  • Saves space
  • Wooden surface

  • Adaptable to any room
  • Wood colour options
  • Steel frame
  • Too small
  • No drawers

This one’s for those who love all things minimalistic and simple. Without any complications or fancy features, yet full of use and value. Making sure that your job gets done. This wall mounted desk is as small and as simple as they come. But that does not stop it from looking absolutely beautiful after being hung onto your wall. The steel frame, especially, makes it unique and more valuable than the rest.

Timechee Wall Mounted Table

Features we loved:

  • Storage space
  • Sturdy
  • Modern look

  • Flattens completely
  • Easy assembly
  • Contemporary design
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Colour a little dull

The third desk that we have chosen to be one of our favourites is unlike the other two that we have mentioned above. This one folds completely and flattens out as if it were just a window in the wall. But when needed, it opens up and become a fully functioning desk. Its width is about half of that of a traditional desk, perfect for anyone who loves self study. At the same time, it also has several shelves that fold inside of it when the desk flattens out.

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Now that you have reached the end of this article, you must have gained ample knowledge and information regarding all kinds of wall mounted office desks. You must also have learned by now how to build your own wall mounted desk. How to use wall mounted desk plans, what to do with wall mounted desk organizers and when to install the wall mounted desk hutch and wall mounted desk brackets is all that you must know about now.

How to fully utilize your wall mounted desk drawers and the and your wall mounted folding computer desk surface is no simple job. But rest assured, you must know how to do that well by now as well.  Now, that you have learned all the wall mounted desk ideas that we have discussed with you, all that you have to do is go and purchase the one you like the most. Maybe even one out of the few we have mentioned above.

Whether it is a black wall mounted desk or a small wall mounted desk that you prefer, these products are so well-designed that they are bound to go well with any kind of room that you would like to install it in. This owes to the fact that they are such a unique and innovative invention, am I right?









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