Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount For 75 Inch

I bet you will agree with me when i say:

Theres nothing better than coming home after a busy day, laying on the couch with your feet propped up and watching some tv.

Nothing can truly top that feeling. And to make that experience even better for you, are full motion TV mounts! These adjustable tv mounts are planted into your wall, and hold your tv screens up. The thing that makes them distinctive and heck, better, than your regular tv mounts is that they provide your tv a full range of motion. Meaning you can move it around in almost any direction! Whether you use it for your lounge or for your room, if your tv is set in an odd place or not, this is the solution to all your problems.

To make sure that you get the full in-depth information about these full motion tv wall mounts, I have also provided you guides that are present at the end of our list of the best mounts. These guides have been made after detailed research and collection of data, that include ‘Tv Mount Guide‘, ‘How To Install‘ and ‘Conclusion‘.

Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount For 75 Inch:

Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount Bracket

Why we love it:

  • Universal fit
  • Heavy duty
  • Tilts upto 5-15 degree

  • Easy to understand manual
  • Studs and plates included
  • Not for drywalls
  • Bracket is too narrow for all tvs

The name speaks for itself. It is truly the dream for all wall mount Tvs. The bracket can be installed without the tv on the full assembled piece. The studs are included and it also includes easy to understand, user friendly, cardboard templates. To help you drill the holes in the correct places. However, a thing to be noted is that there isnt a full range of motion available. It becomes a little tight to move the 75inch tv around and this kind of tv mount is not recommended for dry wall either.

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ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating Bracket

Why we love it:

  • Usable for upto 86″ Tvs
  • 130 degree swivel
  • Adjusts to almost every brand TV

  • Easy instructions
  • Swiel 130degree
  • Heavy duty
  • Very heavy to attach by self

When deciding whether or not to buy this wall mount, trust us, buy it! It is universal and made for almost any brand of tv. It adjusts to its propotions and holds it snugly within itself. Not only so, but also provides you ample movement and swivel for you to enjoy watching your shows in! However, as it is so heavy duty, the installation is quite difficult. As it cannot be installed on its own. Also, make sure when buying the studs for this one, you get the perfectly centered ones! As it can be rather hard to, reinstall again and again, in case of mistakes.

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BLUE STONE Tilt Tv Wall Bracket

Why we love it:

  • After sale service installation
  • Professionally tested
  • All hardware pre included

  • Included hardware, studs etc
  • Heavy duty
  • Wider than your regular mounts
  • Little movement
  • Not the best for 75′ inch Tv. But works best with smaller Tv units

Quality tested and approved, this flat screen 75inch wall mount is perfect for upto any kind of tv unit you have. Be it an LED, LED, LCD, 4K Flat screen or even a Curved Tv. The Bluestone wall mount will fit perfectly for all. It comes with all hardware included, so your brackets are installed without the hassle of going out and getting the right studs. However, despite being heavy duty, this wall mount is not as heavy weight. Rather it is made with lighter and less thicker material. Which increases the risk of whether or not will it be able to hold the weight of the TV up.

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ECHOGEAR Full Motion upto 78′ inch Mount

Why we love it:

  • Customizeable screen tilt
  • Compatible with Samsung, TCL and more
  • Hides cable effortlessly

  • Easy to install
  • Hides excessive cable wires behind
  • Adjustable and customizeable swivel
  • Expensive
  • Often times studs included, dont fit

Echogear is without a doubt one of the best wall mount tv for your 75inch tv. Be it a slim telly, a stand, for corners, etc, this peerless full motion wall mount will fit almost effortlessly on your wall. Giving you the full experience of watching. Its able to swivel 130degrees, and is safety tested and certified.  With its latest technology and tilt mechanism, it is able to move with just the press of your fingertips! However,it must be modified to be able to attach in corners.

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Max VESA Tv Mount Bracket

Why we love it:

  • Multipurpose design
  • 45+- swivel
  • Space saving

  • Comes with pre-labeled hardware bags
  • Efficent use of space
  • 6 arms up tilt
  • Reviews show, that it doesnt fit on all Tv types
  • Not suitable for dry walls

This wall mount is pretty good. Its inexpensive than most wall mount brackets and does the job! It has a ton of swivel room as well. However, this wall mount does not fit on all tv types. Some reivews suggest that it is either too narrow or just doesnt fit snugly around the body of their telly. While others also say that it does not come with its own toggle bolts and studs. Buying studs on your own can be difficult as you may not be able to find the perfect fit. Which can risk your TV.

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USX Mount Full Motion TV wall mount

Why we love it:

  • Comes with a 10 year warranty
  • Space efficient
  • Uses high quality bolts

  • Swivels without a hassle
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Low assembly time
  • Doesnt work best with curved TVs
  • Pre-bagged screws are of low quality
  • Frame for the mount is uneven

Available at your average wall mount price, this adjustable wall mount is all you need. It does the job and doesnt break your bank account either. It is able to swivel upto 45+- degrees and is perfect for 75inch Tvs. While it does add, that it is compatible with different types of screens. Move it up, or down, side to side, this baby is going no where. However, it does come with low quality bolts and studs. And does not work with every kind of tv, especially curved.

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ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount

Why we love it:

  • UL certified
  • Extra wide wall span
  • Level- even after installation

  • Can be leveled even after installation
  • Tested and certified for use
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Doesn’t fit into every TV type
  • Cannot bear more than 50 lbs

Say goodbye to screen glaring, and weird angles you’re watching your tv from. Because this Echogear wall mount bracket is here to end them all. This renowned brand is perfect for it! It comes with an orange plug that you can use to customize your view and swivel. Along with this you can even level it after its installation! Sounds crazy right. However, it does have the problem of not being able to bear more than 50 lbs worth of tv screen. Ergo, every TV type CANNOT fit into this mount.

Tv Mount Guide

As read from above, there are certain requirements for every TV. Not every TV is the same. While manufacturers tend to produce wall mounts and brackets that fit universally, there is still a chance present that it wont fit your flat screen. Making your investment go to waste. Ergo, here are a few things you must keep in mind while shopping for the perfect wall mount for you 75 inch tv.

  1. Check TVs specifications: While most wall mounts are compatible, try checking the exact measurement of your Tv from its manual or box. This is important as, if you try mounting your 45 inch tv to a 75 inch wall mounting bracket, chances are that it wont fit. And your TV will fall! Thus, be mindful of your TVs measurements.
  2. Decide the level of swivel: Although some full motion wall mounts call themselves as ‘full motion’, some aren’t. Decide how much swivel and adjustability you want from your wall mount. Some wall mounts swivel up to 130 degree while others are able to move up to 45 degree only. Hence, choose which one and how much movement you want and make sure your wall mount has it
  3. Choosing arms or regular mount: Now this is whereby, as all wall mounts are not the same, certain ones hang close to the wall and some hang a few inches from its surface with the help of an arm that is present in the mounts brackets. Decide whichever suits your style and taste best and choose accordingly.
  4. Price: In this case, money does matter but we wouldn’t mind a steal! As your tv is an investment for your home and entertainment, so should your full motion wall mount be! Hence, make sure you buy a wall mount that isnt cheap or used lightweight, low quality material in its making. Rather than that, choose for more heavy weight options, they are more heavy-duty and are able to uphold your Tvs weight as well as last a lifetime!

Bonus tip: If your TV has a lot of wires coming from itself, of routers, your video gaming console, Dvd etc, then consider getting a tubing or a wall mount that hides these wires behind your screen. So your lounge has a more cleaner and less messy looks without the presence of wires.

How To Install:

Now carefully read these instructions and follow through the added video, to make sure that you are able to install your wall mount perfectly. If your brackets are not installed or assembled properly, it could increase the risk of your Tv falling and also cut away years from the durability of the mount as well.

  1. Adjust the height: Firstly, with some help, hold the mount up on your wall and adjust the height of it. Calculate and decide what level of height suits your vision and like, the best. After this, mark the spot clearly. Once that is also done, use an electronic stud finer and get to drilling the screws in! Use the mounts instruction manual here, in order to screw/drill your brackets properly. Also, make sure your mount supports the kind of wall you have. As some do not support dry walls, while others do.
  2. Position it perfectly: Most wall mount plates are flexible and you can adjust your Tv a few inches even after hanging it. But it can be tricky as well as time-consuming. Ego, make sure that you mark the correct points perfectly. After which you must drill the holes in the marks. The hole should not be bigger than 1/8th inches and should be smalller than the lag screws. Most manufacturers include a pre-made bag of hardware, but if yours didnt then use the included guides to get the right screws and bolts. Drill your mount into the holes with them, and voila!


Now that you have all the information you need to get the best full motion wall mounted tv bracket, then what are you waiting for? Lets get to buying it and getting one step closer to an amazing viewing experience, NOW!

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