The Best Way To Hide Cords From Wall Mounted TV

 The TV is always the centerpiece of all rooms, hence the table under it or the wall behind needs to look prim and proper. 

Does the jungle of cords bother you as well? If yes, you are going to find this blog very helpful. No one would like the ambiance of their room or lounge being ruined by wires popping from all around the electronics especially the TV.

However, often because of the excitement of setting up a new place we forget to fix such things. And one might realize it later when the only thing looking odd in the house are those cords from the Tv. But but but, you have us to your rescue! We have mentioned several ways to hide cords from mounted Tv. Keep reading this article till the end to learn some creative ways to hide Tv cords.

 Hook cords behind the furniture.

By attaching the wires to the furniture you instantly get a sorted look that looks much neater. So, you could easily do this by bunching the wires together and hooking them to the nearest furniture using command cord clips.

You just have to attach these command cord clips to the furniture; once they are properly fit, hook one or more wires in each clip.

It is suggested that you use clear or transparent cord clips to give a neat look.  This would help the cords run down the legs of the furniture in a well-ordered manner.

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 Run the wires through a Cord Cable Concealer.

In case you are wondering how to mount tv on a wall without wires showing, try this method. This would require you to get your hands on a wall kit and simply run the wires through it.

You could also build this storage path from the scratch or just get one from the market. By incorporating this cord cable concealer on your Tv wall would not only help in covering up wires from a wall-mounted Tv but the Tv unit will also appear sorted.

In case you are worried about the storage path not going with the theme, just paint it the same color as the wall. Moreover, this method can be used to hide all sorts of wires, not just Tv cords. These cord cable concealers are easily available on Amazon.

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 Run the wires through a Built-in storage cord.

If you want to know how to hide wires behind Tv without cutting the wall, get a custom made Tv table or unit. This way you could place the Tv on the table while the wires gather inside the Tv unit.

This way no one would see the wires on the wall and the customized unit may also add to the design quotient. You can personalize the storage unit any way you want; modern, classic, etc.

Also even if you do not leave space inside the Tv unit, you could get your hands on such a piece that has space behind it for the wires to fall down without showing from the front.

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 Hide the wires behind the Tv.

If you are wondering how to hide wires for wall-mounted Tv over the fireplace, this is the best solution!

What better than your wires being hidden behind the Tv without having to worry about getting a Tv unit with built-in storage or using a cord cable concealer. To do this, you will have to get a Mount Cable Organizer Kit. 

Simply, make your cuts at two stud free points behind and below the Tv. Fit in the cable plates and let the cables pass through seamlessly. Your friends and family may also be fooled by you having an entirely wireless Tv! This is surely the best way to hide cords from wall mounted tv.

In case you are looking for a steady wall mount, check this article, Best Wall Mounts For 82 Inch TV. 

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Now that we have provided you with a complete spectrum of knowledge on this topic, we hope you have learned ways to hide cords from mounted tv. Go with an option that is more convenient and easy for you. We hope this article has helped in reducing your OCD down a notch!

Keep in mind, you will need a strongly build wall mount to protect your TV from falling off. In case you are looking for one, check it out here.

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