8 Best Wall Mounted Shelves for Kitchen in 2021 [Reviewed]

“The kitchen is the heart of the home and leaving it unorganized isn’t an option”

That said, can anyone even leave their unorganized and messy? Obviously not! Exactly why cabinets, drawers, and other storage places are a must to have in. Kitchen wall shelves are one of them, and especially wall mounted kitchen shelves that can exponentially improve the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Only people having kids can understand the process of keeping them away from knives. Wall-mounted kitchen shelves are the ideal place to keep the knives away and only within your range. With a wide variety of wall kitchen shelves available, it can be overwhelming but trust me you can’t dream of a perfect kitchen without a kitchen wall shelving system.

After thorough research, I am going to present a list of the best wall-mounted shelves for a kitchen to help you out in the selection of wall kitchen shelves for the interior of your brand new kitchen. I have also included common mistakes most people make while installing the shelves so that you don’t repeat them.

Vtarcza Wall Shelves

Features we loved

  • Made of durable material
  • Multi-purpose organizer
  • Comes up with all the needed hardware

  • 3 different sizes
  • Removable metal hooks and towel holder
  • Wrong sized brackets might be included
  • The colors of the board and hooks can be different

Looking for alluring and decorative wall shelves for the kitchen? Go for these versatile shelves that can be used as a kitchen wall shelf. They include 3 wooden shelves of different sizes with metal hooks and a wooden towel stand. Practicing minimalism and want to declutter your home? A perfect option is kitchen wall shelving with these walnut shelves to organize your stuff neatly without any mess.

These kitchen wall shelves with hooks give a classic and aesthetic look to your kitchen and are super easy to install. Apart from being used as kitchen storage wall shelves, they are a perfect way to show off your new collection of cookbooks or some amazing spice organizer to the guests.

They come up with all the required hardware so you don’t have to worry about the nails or the screws to set them up. Just open the package and voila! Everything you need is provided.

Although these walls mounted kitchen storage shelves have a weight capacity of 40 pounds, some people found them good for only placing ornaments and lightweight items. As the package includes various small parts, some of them might be missing. Request for the missing hardware or return the product in such a case.

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Bleecker Station Floating Wall Shelves

Features we loved

  • Made of pure wood for an aesthetic look
  • Capable of large storage

  • Easy to install
  • Can be used anywhere in the house
  • Parts might be missing
  • Sometimes shelves are cracked

These solid pine wood kitchen wall shelves are all-purpose and can be used anywhere in the house, giving the same classy look wherever they are placed. Organize your stuff like books, decorations, towels, spices and utensils nicely with these storage shelves. They are not easily breakable as made of high-quality wood, making sure you are spending your money in the right place.

Have no one around to place these kitchen wall racks and shelves? Don’t be worried! They are so easy to assemble and install, come up with all the required equipment, making it super easy to be fixed in no time. The sturdy shelf brackets ensure it will not rust and firmly hold the wooden shelves in place for a longer time.

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WG WILLOW & GRACE DESIGNS Floating Shelves for Wall

Features we loved

  • A perfect vintage look
  • Made of pine wood imported from Mexico

  • Super easy to mount
  • High-quality wood
  • Brackets are unable to hold shelves in some cases

Thinking to give a modern and elegant touch to the home or the kitchen? Consider these wall mounted kitchen shelves that are made of absolutely pure wood to add a perfect ancient and eye-catchy look. There is no rocket science involved in assembling and installing these shelves in the kitchen wall. Simply fix the mount brackets in the wall and slide the shelves into them. That’s it. You are done.

The quality of wood is the special factor of these kitchen wall shelves which adds a pure classic and antique element, making everyone ask about them. They are durable and hold heavy items easily.

However they are claimed to be sturdy and durable, they might not be suitable for some people. Some found the shelves difficult to place in certain congested places.

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WGX Kitchen Wood Wall Shelf

Features we loved

  • The thickness of the wooden shelves
  • Weight holding capacity

  • Multi-purpose shelves
  • Attractive look
  • Hardware is not included in the package

Whether you are looking for decorative wall shelves for kitchen or just basic ones for storage purpose, the perfect wall-mounted shelves for the kitchen should be multi-purposed .

These two-inch-thick wooden shelves make it substantial and strong enough to hold the spices jars and other fragile utensils securely, giving you the feeling of security about your most favorite mugs or dishes that they will not fall off and break due to the heavy-duty kitchen wall shelving.

Use them freely in your kitchen and dining room as kitchen wall racks and shelves to make sure your dishes are resting in a secure place. However, like other kitchen wall shelves with hooks, these do not come up with the installation hardware so you have to use your own tools.

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AZSKY Floating Wall Mounted Shelves

Features we loved

  • Comes with a hardware bag
  • Waterproof and heatproof

  • Versatile uses
  • Sustain weight such as potted plants
  • Color might be slightly different

Being an organizing freak and can’t decide how and where to keep the stuff?  These rustic wooden wall shelves in the kitchen would be a blessing for you in such a situation.

They are made of pure wood and a high-quality metal frame that is waterproof and heatproof. That means they are your go-to choice for wall-mounted shelves for the kitchen as you don’t have to worry about the water or heat from the stove can damage the.

Apart from being used as kitchen wall shelves for dishes, it is a versatile product that you can use for so many purposes such as organizing stuff, placing books, hanging keys, and above all, as a perfect gift for the friend who just shifted to a new house. However, be careful while installing as you can damage the wooden shelves in case of mishandling.

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INMAN Wall Mounted Kitchen Spice Rack

Features we loved

  • Made of natural oak wood which is eco friendly
  • The mounting system is hidden at the back

  • Can be used for so many purposes
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Slight color difference
  • The surface of the wood is slippery

Show your creativity with these wall-mounted wooden shelves made of pure oak and be amazed at what you can do with just a single product. From using it as a nursery shelf o organize your kids’ books to placing them in the living room to enhance the look and organizing thing, there are several uses of these shelves.

To top it all up, they can even be used as a small kitchen wall shelf if your kitchen is not spacious and you are thinking about how to organize all of your spice jars.

Except for the easy assembling and installation of these wood kitchen wall shelves, they are so easy to disassemble and remove while you are moving to another home without damaging it. You can do a lot of experiments with this kitchen wall shelf and express your creativity leaving everyone amazed.

The sizes of the screws might be shipped big or small from the required sizes so it can cause inconvenience. Either fix it yourself or else get it replaced or return it to the company.

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Rustic Floating Shelves Wall Mounted

Features we loved

  • Unique design
  • Can be used anywhere

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Ropes are adjustable
  • Keep moving and sliding
  • Not recommended to put fragile objects

Tired of the usual mounted wall shelves? Try these wall hanging kitchen shelves to try something new and unique. These hanging rope shelves are distinctive from the regular shelves and everyone must ask you about them. The ropes add a DIY look to these kitchen wall shelves and give them an exclusive look and making it possible to organize stuff with a class.

The 3 protective layers make these durable shelves for the kitchen wall and ensure that they last up to 10 years. That’s a big deal, right?  This high durability and a classic look shelf can serve so many purposes like book organizer, plant shelf, or perfectly used as a wall hanging kitchen shelves.

With all these added benefits of pure wood and the easy hanging facility of these shelves, be careful to use it properly and avoid putting so much weight as they can hold up to 15 Ibs weight. So don’t overweight it!

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Soduku Floating Wall Mounted Shelves

Features we loved

  • Removable towel holder
  • Unique and elegant design

  • Available in 5 colors
  • Comes with all the needed material
  • Towel rack can be difficult to install

Looking for small wall shelves for the kitchen? Go for these wall-mounted kitchen storage shelves as they save a lot of space in your kitchen making it easy for you to organize all the chicken stuff neatly without leaving any clutter on the kitchen countertops.

Apart from being shelves on the kitchen wall, it comes up with a towel holder stand so that you can easily hang your towel on it without leaving it wet here and there.

These walls mounted kitchen shelves are available in 5 different colors and you can select the one you like. High-quality wood and easy installation make it a perfect choice as a small kitchen wall shelf.

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Common Mistakes When Mounting Kitchen Shelves

While wall-mounted shelves for the kitchen can not only help you with organizing your kitchen and groceries, they can improve the look of your overall kitchen by multiple folds. However, placing them correctly can be a tricky task and most people end up making common mistakes. We will highlight those mistakes for you so that you can avoid them.

The most common one is not considering your height and your wife’s height when placing the kitchen shelves. This can prove to be troublesome in the long run. You need the shelves to be at an optimal height so that they can be accessible by you and your partner.

Installing the shelves too low can be a problem too. It can restrict your movement in your kitchen and even make you topple over your precious jars.

Installing the shelves near a door can be disastrous. Most of the time this is overlooked and people end up losing precious items when their children slam the door.

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Wall-mounted shelves for your kitchen can help save up a lot of space and can deliver an aesthetic look to your kitchen. While choosing the perfect one for yourself can be purely up to your personal preference and what blends well with your kitchen design, the shelves mentioned above are the top ones you can find in the market.

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