Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

I hope you will all agree with me when I say the words that there is nothing like a good workout.

Physical activity can be truly life changing, and working out can help you in ways not only physical but also mentally! But just exercising is not enough, making it sure that you not only perform an exercise but do it well and with form is also highly important.

One of the key exercises of every workout is a pull up. Great and ideal to get that upper body strength, this type of workout is truly perfect for every body type. Which is why we have brought to you this article whereby we show you the best wall mounted pull up bars. These kinds of wall mounted pull up bars are perfect to get for not only your home, but even one for when you’re travelling!

To ensure that you get only the best ones in this list, we made sure that we did our detailed research and provided you with only the best. And to make sure that you are able to get the perfect pull up bar, we have also supported our list with some guides called Conclusion, and How To. That have been curated to make your buying decisions the perfect one.

Best Wall Mounted Pull up Bars

Following are the top rated list of the best pull up bars available:

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BangTong&Li Power Tower Pull Up Station

Features we loved

  • Multi purpose
  • 6 adjustable levels
  • Durable steel material

  • Affordable
  • Multi purpose
  • Poor quality pull up bar to attach to wall
  • Bad welding

Welcome yourself to a healthier lifestyle with this best wall mounted pull up bar. One like no other! This bar is made with a heavy duty material called steel and is backed up by thick foam grippers for better grips. All in all adding to the total life span of this perfect pull up bar. Not only this but the quality also adds to its sturdiness and thus as a result helps you to conduct the best pull ups at home. Moreover, it is multi function, so you can use this wall mounted pull up bar for pull ups as well as dips, push ups and so much more. Talk about variety!

However, this best pull up bar according to customer reviews looks good only in pictures. And it does not perform as well as it suggests in real life. Reviews have suggested that the welds of this pull up bar wall mount are weak and poorly made. To add to this quality, the materials all over for this wall mounted pull up bar are poor. Which explains why the welds are so bad and require constant screwing.

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Armpow Pull Up Doorway Bars

Features we loved

  • Foam grippers
  • Protective pads included
  • Shortened bar to improve pull ups

  • Perfect pull up bar for ceiling mount or door ways
  • Best wall mounted pull up bar
  • Comes with extra 2 grips
  • Absolutely nothing!

Its a portable pull up bar like no other, its great quality and is perfect for almost everyone! This is the best wall mounted pull up bar there is for you and your wall. Attach it to any wall, doorway or mount it on your ceiling and it is good to go. This best pull up bar for home comes with is very own grippers and even adds 2 extra middle grips for better pull ups. And so you can have a variety of pull ups to do. Moreover, it is made with a private mold so you get a quality like no other pull up bar can offer you. This material is designed to last you a lifetime. Its durable, its functional, its portable. What more could one ask for?

You would think that like every other good thing, this perfect pull up bar amazon must have its cons too. But to our surprise as well, it has up to none! So you truly get to enjoy this best wall mounted pull up bar because it ends up being totally worth your money and investment.

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Promountings Pull Up Bars

Features we loved

  • I-beam bar
  • Up to 3 different grip positions
  • Easy installation without drilling

  • I beam system
  • No mess installation
  • .

Designed by the work out pros themselves, this mount is all what dreams are made of. One of the best in our wall mounted pull up bar list, this i beam pull up bar has it all ready for you. IT comes with its very own installation instructional manual thus it is truly easy to install into your home or ceiling mounts even. Moreover, it is able to set up without any drilling either. So say good bye to mess! and welcome yourselves a lifetime of fitness.

However, even though this perfect pull up bar for home sounds like a dream it does have its disadvantages. Some of which include the fact that it has been suggested to have poor gripping handles. Which can put you on risk as you pull yourselves up by those grippers. Thus making sure that you get good quality grips is highly important!

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Titan Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Features we loved

  • Space efficient
  • Simple yet effective
  • Includes mounting hardware

  • Multiple ring hoes for more stations
  • Powder coat and durable finish
  • Sturdy ends
  • Poor quality welding
  • Sloopy instruction manual
  • No hardware included in cases

Install it on your wood door or your concreate walls, this wall mounted pull up bar is going no where! It is truly compatible with any and every kind of place or wall and stay sturdy enough to be used for a long period of time. Not only this, but as it is made for the specific purpose of pull ups, it makes this pull up bar wall mount perfect to be used for your pull up work outs! It works like a charm and even comes with a ring station for you to attach and detach your stations on for more pull up stations.

However, according to customer reviews it has been suggested that people at times people end up getting their pull up bars without hardware included at all! Which as a result makes installation almost impossible. Moreover, it has also been reviewed that the welding job on this portable pull up bar is highly poor. This can add to the overall quality of this wall mount pull up bar

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ONETWOFIT Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Features we loved

  • Steel bar and rust preventative
  • Comes with comfortable soft cushion grippers
  • 6 hole design

  • Sturdy and secure
  • 6 hole design for sizes
  • Incomplete arrival of products
  • Wrong sized parts can be included

The definition of perfect pull up bar is here, welcome yourself to one of the best wall mounted pull up bar there is! This wall mounted pull up bar has it all. It is compatible with up to any and all kinds of surfaces be it a wall or a ceiling of any material, it will hold on like its super glued! This also has a 6 hole design which makes it much more stable than your average pull up bar wallmart. Made with solid steel and covered in powder coating to ensure durability and that it lasts you a lifetime, this wall mount pull up bar promises you to remain rust free and service you for life.

However, this product has shown to arrive to customers incomplete and without hardware. At times it ends up arriving without all hardware included, and at times it comes around with the wrong size parts. This can result is all of your investment going to waste as you wont be able to build your pull up bar wall mounted at all.


Now that you have gotten all the information you could need to get yourself started on your journey to fitness, what else are you waiting for? Get your very won best wall mounted pull up bar for home and get yourself ripped, just in time for summer time!

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How to mount your pull up bar to the wall?

First and foremost you need to get yourself a pull up bar that fulfills the type you want. If you wish to have a pull up bar attached to your ceiling, then get the one which specializes in that. And if you wish to have one that attaches on the door way then make sure that you get the one which specializes in doorway attachments.

  • Figure out which direction do you want to face while doing pull ups so you have a guidance on which position to attach your bar to
  • Take the horizontal frame attached to your pull up bar and attach it right above your doors frame.
  • At this point make sure that everything is in tact and properly stuck on so you can fix in your pull up bar and get it ready to be used.
  • Once this is also done, you can now test your pull up bar for its sturdiness and make sure that it is able to lift up all of your weight. After that you are good to go! Welcome yourselves to a journey of getting fitter and fitter by the day!

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