Best Wall Mounted Mailbox

I hope you can agree with me that there is nothing like a good old wall mounted mailbox outside your house. There is almost nothing that can replace what a mailbox does!

Mailboxes are important and ideal for every family home. This is because it helps store your belongings, deliveries and so much more. All the while being safe in a high quality mailbox wall mount.

And it is due to this reason, that we have brought to you this list of the best wall mounted mailbox. This list has been brought to you by hours of research and collecting detail-oriented, unbiased data to make sure that you get only the best of the best. Moreover, we have also written for you, detailed guides present at the end of this article called Conclusion and How To. To help you make the right purchasing decisions.

Best Wall Mounted Mailboxes

Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox

Features we loved:

  • Electrogalvanized steel used for durability
  • Modern mounting bracket
  • Has three keys and reflective tags

  • Extra large wall mount mailbox
  • Value for money
  • Poor paint quality
  • Not sturdy enough on the wall

Made to fulfill all of your wall mounted mail box wants, this best wall mounted mailbox truly has its advantages due to which we rated it as our best! It has an extra large capacity and comes in a gorgeous stainless steel black color. Not only this but to protect its black color from harsh weathers, it has a powder coated finish. Moreover, it has a patented latch locking system, making it perfect for as a wall mount residential mailbox.

However, is too heavy and ends up slipping from your house. Not only this, but it makes the chances of your mailbox being stolen, much higher. As anyone could easily take out your mailbox from the wall. Moreover, the paint job on the mailbox is no good enough and the paint is gobbly.

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Step2 Store MailMaster Plus

Features we loved:

  • Front and rear access
  • Non locking
  • Can attach house address

  • Made with high quality material
  • Dual ended mailbox
  • Too small

Say goodbye to tricky and time consuming mounting, say hello to the best wall mounted mailbox that makes your life nothing but easy! This mail box may look small, but is incredibly handy. It is dual ended, so you can store and open your wall mount mailbox in a jiffy. Moreover, it also comes with its very own mounting hardware, along with address numbers with flag. Giving you the highest quality of wall mounted stone mailbox.

However, according to customer reviews, this best wall mounted mailbox in fact is too small! Its internal area is too small to hold more than one item at a time. As a result, making it not so space efficient.

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Jssmst Locking Mailbox

Features we loved:

  • Massive capacity
  • Quick installation
  • Comes with a lock

  • Anti rust coating
  • Easy to install with pre drilled holes
  • Cheap material
  • Large panels that revel contents inside

Available in large and even extra large, this black wall mount mailbox is what dreams are made of. Its made with high quality stainless steel material, and even an anti rust coating. Making sure that not only is its paint protected from the harsh weather. But is also protected as a whole, along with keeping your mailboxes contents safe and secure. Not only this,but it is easy to install. As it has pre-drilled in holes as well as mounting screws to help the process. Moreover, it even has a lock system, with 2 keys to prevent any and all kinds of theft. What more could one ask for from an extra large wall mount mailbox?

However, despite having all these advantages it does have some cons as well. Some of which include the fact that this mailbox in fact is made from cheap and poor materials. Due to which, often times customers have found themselves having wet mail in their wall mounted mailbox. Moreover, the mailboxes panels do not fully cover the box. Which can thus as a result, show the contents of the mailbox from the corners and this can be a privacy breach for some.

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Architectural Mailboxes

Features we loved:

  • Rust resistant
  • Comes with a lock and 2 keys
  • Easy installation

  • Galvanized steel material
  • Easy to install
  • Can damage the contents inside due to some parts not being present
  • Flimsy lock

Rust resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the weather for this modern mailbox wall mount. Now, this residential mailbox is one of the best of its kind due to several reasons. It gives you easy access to your mail through its high quality, stainless steel galvanized, and powder coated lid. And also comes with keys to keep your contents secure. To make things even easier for you,they have also provided a set of 4 pre drilled holes, in order to make your installation process way easier. Because it is made with premium quality of materials, it promises to be durable and thus last you a lifetime of goodies being delivered in this best wall mounted mailbox.

However, customers have suggested that this wall mount mailbox does not come with pins that hold its flap together. Which as a result does not keep the lip intact with its body. And it is due to this, the contents inside your mailbox can be affected by rain or dust. Along with this, its lock system is not the best. As it looks cheaply made and can be easily broken.

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Architectural Aspen Mailboxes

Features we loved:

  • Affordable
  • Steel cam lock
  • Constructed with galvanized steel

  • Key lock system included
  • Cheap
  • Colors may vary
  • Arrives mostly dented or scratched

Looking for the best wall mounted mailbox that isnt only functional, but is also cheap and modern? Well here you have it! Available in upto 9 unique colors, this stainless steel wall mount mailbox lowes, just what your house needs. It comes with its own user friendly installation manual and hardware as well, so you dont have to worry about installation or fussing about how to get it up. Moreover, it is weather-proof. Ergo, it can undergo any and all kinds of weather situations and still keep itself intact, looking gorgeous and keeping your mail safe and sound. Equipped with its very own key lock system, this wall mounted mailbox is something worth spending your money on!

However, several customers have reviewed this product and mentioned the fact that their wall mounted mail box came dented and broken. For some it was scratched and for some it was all! Moreover, the colors of the box also look quite different than what you get in real life verses what you see online.

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Excello Metal Vintage Mailbox

Features we loved:

  • Vintage antique look
  • Space saving
  • Built to last you a lifetime

  • Vintage unique style
  • Space efficent
  • Expensive for what its worth
  • Small
  • No locks or lids

Looking for something chic and modern yet efficient? Here it is! One of the best wall mounted mailboxes, that is not only functional but is also vintage. So you can store your mail in style. This space saving wall mount mailbox gives you a tidy look and the reason why its space saving it because it is easy to install and also is small in size. So you have easy access to your mail. Not only this, but it also is made with galvanized steel to make sure that it stays durable and thus last you a lifetime. Above all, it is the perfect size for all kinds of magazines, letters and files. And as it is open from one end,  you can easily drop off the content and be on the go! How cool is that?

However, despite having so many pros it does have its disadvantages. Which include the fact that, this wall mount mailbox white in fact is too expensive for its worth. Other mailboxes offer so much more, lids, space, locks etc for half the price. Secondly, this mail box is small in size and does not hold enough content due to it being small. Not only this, but it also does not have a lid or lock. Which can put your mailboxes contents to risk of getting stolen.


Now that you have gotten all the information you may need to get yourself started on getting your very own wall mount. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now! To help you get the perfect wall mount mailbox, we have the following guide for you so keep on reading to find out more.

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How To Attach The Mailbox?

Gotten your mailbox and now are wondering how to attach the wall mount residential mailboxes? Well, do not worry because we have gotten you covered! Read on to find out how to securely attach your wall mounted mailbox.

  • Firstly, you need to mark your wall with a pencil or chalk. Pointing exactly where you want to attach your mailbox, giving you directions on where you should drill holes for it as well
  • Secondly, you drill holes in your wall in order to attach the mailbox. For this, ensure you take proper safety precautions while using your drill. Also, check out the information on your mailbox to find out how deep the drill holes should be
  • Once drill holes are made, you then attach the mounts to the wall and make sure they are secure
  • After this step, you should successfully be able to hang your best wall mounted mailbox with ease and be ready to use it!
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