Best Wall Mounted Dust Collector

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In times like these with so many diseases and viruses on the rise, dust collectors are truly a must-have for every home. In order to prevent allergies or even severe diseases, dust collectors work like magic.

As finding the best wall mounted dust collector can be difficult, because of this reason that we took it upon ourselves to bring you with a list of the best wall mounted dust collectors there are! To ensure that you and your family, only get the best of the best. Not only that, but along with this so you are able to make the right purchasing decisions and your money as a result, does not go to waste.

To make your buying decisions even better and fit your needs, we have also performed in-depth research to bring to you our guides. Curated especially for you and for the sole purpose of giving you unbiased advice. These guides are present at the end of our article called Conclusion and FAQ.

Best Wall Mounted Dust Collector

BUCKTOOL Dust Collector

Features we loved:

  • Micron dust bags
  • Portable dust collector
  • Powerful air flow

  • Uses micron bags
  • Comes with a dust filter
  • Is oversized
  • Long wind down and start up
  • Takes a lot of electricity to start

Welcome yourself one of the best wall mounted dust collector! It comes with a dust filter bag, which with the help of its highly powerful induction motor, sucks in all impurities within a jiffy. Due to its central dust collection system, it is able to prevent almost all kinds of pneumatic diseases and allergies too! And considering what the world is going through right now, this wall mounted dust collector is a must have for every household. Good this thing cheap dust collector has got you covered, it uses a micron dust bag, which not only helps with filtration but also helps with the cleaning and removing process also.

However, according to customer reviews, they have suggested that the motor of this “small quiet dust collector” is not as small as it seems in pictures. It is rather oversized, and thus due to this has a slow start-up and slow wind-down time also. Not only this, but it also uses upto a whooping 2200watts of electricity.

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POWERTEC Dust Collector DC1512

Features we loved:

  • Single-phase motor system
  • Versatile
  • Filteration system through the bag

  • Captures upto 2.5micron small dust
  • Versatile size range
  • Mobile
  • Poor quality suction bags
  • Incorrect measurements

Using a suction of 1250 CFM, this woodworking dust collector comes with a 1.5 horse power. So we are sure that this will truly get every spec of dust out! Making it as one of the best dust collectors for home, office space, and so much more. It is conveniently portable also, so you can clean multiple spaces thanks to its mobility. Not only this, but it versatile. And to add to its advantages of getting, you should know that this wall mounted dust collector uses a high quality level of bag filtration unit. This filter comes attached to the dust collector and thus, with this filter it is able to capture even the smallest and tiniest pollutants, upto an insane level of 2.5 microns.

However, the quality of the micron bags is very low. They, according to suggestions, end up tearing or leaking in an instant. Not only this, but the customers have also suggested that their dust collectors were bigger than they wre advertised. This can result to your experience with working with a dust collector, into a nightmare. Due to all this wastage of money.

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Grizzly Industrial Dust Collector

Features we loved:

  • Powerful motor
  • The portable dust collection system

  • Portable
  • Quiet system
  • Parts start falling over a few years

With a motor size of 120V and 1 horse power, this wall mounted dust collector is here to steal it all for you. This industrial-sized dust collector works heavy-duty, after all it is an industrial-sized dust collector. Apart from this, it is lightweight. Unlike your regular dust collectors, and due to this factor it makes it easy to move around. Making this, a portable dust collector. With an inflated bag for filtration and dust collection setup, this Grizzly industrial-sized central dust collection system, is a life saver for you!

However, you would think that this quiet dust collection system would have some disadvantages to itself right? Well, this product has little to no reported disadvantages. The only consumer review reported was that over about a few years into them using this dust collector,the parts started to fall out. Which was expected, due to its usage also.

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Shop Fox Dust Collector

Features we loved:

  • 2 Micron bags
  • Zip for easy disposal of dust
  • Good horse power

  • Large size dust collector
  • Comparatively cheap
  • Easy dust disposal access
  • Motor is not powerful enough

Its small, its works like magic and has a powerful motor that comes in prewired so you dont have to worry about dust collection setup. This cheap dust collector includes a window gauge like no other to properly track how much dust it has been collecting over a period of time. And to make matters even easier, it also provides you with easy access to disposal of dust. Through the bottom of its bag, you can easily zip it open and release dust! Moreover, it has a 44 inch height with the bag inflated, so you know this dust collector carries a lot of dust and you just have to attach it and forget about it.

However, this motor according to consumer reviews has been suggested to have little to no suction of motor. The motor is allegedly too weak, which results in the dust collection process to worsen. And not be picked up at all

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POWERTEC Dust Collector DC5370

Features we loved:

  • Comes with mounting bracket
  • Environment-friendly bags
  • Filters through

  • 2.5 Micron reusable bags
  • Electric motor
  • Bags are difficult to clean out

With upto 3 different speeds, this best wall mounted dust collector works like magic for your home, office, backyard and so much more. It comes with a lighting fast electric motor,with an air capacity of 537 CFM. So we are sure when we say that, this dust right wall mount dust collector will truly get every spec of dust from your room, to inside it, captured. Moreover, it comes with its very own micron dust bag, which to is 2.5 filtered.

Making it clear that it uses only the highest quality of bags, that ensure even the finest dust is getting collected and filtered in their system. You thought it was over? Well, these bags are also eco-friendly and are reusable! so you can just check the dust-out and reuse it with ease or having to worry about getting those expensive bags.

However, according to customer reviews their bags are too difficult to clean. The bag is too hard to get out in order to clean and ends up getting stuck in several places for it to even come ut to be cleaned. Which can make the process harder than it is, for you.

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WEN Dust Collector

Features we loved:

  • Industrial level
  • Large dust collector

  • Easy portability
  • Attachable to all wood working tools
  • Too big for home use
  • Too noisy

Say hello to this pneumatic dust collector, which is easily one of the great ones in our list of the best wall mounted dust collectors. This unlike any other central dust collection system in our list, is portable and mobile, but also can be mounted on your wall! How cool is that? It uses its stable swivels to move around but also has locks in case you want to make it sturdy and hold its place. Other than that it uses a 5-7 amp motor, taking up 660 Cb of air per minute, so you know for a fact that it is fast. With its 4 inch port, it easily can fit onto any and all of your woodworking tools, also making it as one of the best for woodworking dust collection. And as a result, generally one of our top rated also.

However, according to customer reviews for this product. They have suggested that in fact this woodworking dust collection system, does not work that well. Its motor ends up bursting or stops working within a few months. And on top of that, it also makes too much noise. As it has a rather huge motor, it exudes a lot of noise also. Which can add to its list of disadvantages. And thus, resulting in an in a general loss of money and time.

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JET Dust Collector

Features we loved:

  •   Enclosed and lubricated
  • Cooling motors
  • Quick installation

  • Portable design
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Everything is pre-done
  • The canister can arrive a little damaged or some

This high quality and portable canister for wall mounted dust collection is truly one of a kind. It comes in ready to use with up to everything pre-done! So you dont have to worry about installation and preparation, you just mount it in and watch it work. This dust collector has fan-cooled motors and has them fully lubricated also. With its high-velocity design it is able to suction almost every and any size of dust. Along with this,it comes with easy to work with and connect bags. Those are simple to install and use. Its portable, cheap and has every feature you need and more, what else could one ask for?


Now that you have absorbed and seen all the information about the best wall mounted dust collector, you should now go over the FAQs to fully understand what goes into a dust collector. Once you go through that as well, you should be ready to get yourself your very own wall mounted dust collector. So what are you waiting for? Get it now and remove all chances of allergies, dust, pneumonia, and so much more from your home.

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Do dust collectors really work?

In short answer, yes! Dust collectors are scientifically articulated to remove any and all kinds of dusts. There are filters adjusted inside your dust collector, which is able to filter about almost every impurity and thus leave you with a beautiful and clean home.

These dust collectors and their filters are at times industrial sized and at times portable, but either way both are highly effective and work efficiently to remove dust.

To increase the intensity of your woodworking dust collection, you can also opt for pneumatic dust collectors. These kinds of dust collectors are designed at an industrial level. While pneumatic dust collectors are both industrial and for home use, they utilize gas pressure or air in order to work powerfully to remove everything.

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