Best Wall Mount For TCL 65 Inch TV

I think we are at a place where we can all admit that:

  TVs look boring sitting on a table of any kind. TV stands and tables are bulky and for all the “aesthetic appeal” they supposedly bring, they are champions of cluttering up your living room. Let’s be real, there is no functional reason for you to add another bulky piece of furniture to your living room- if you can avoid it.  

Enter wall mounts – the product of reason. These take away completely from the cluttering mess of a TV stand and save you the trouble of clearing up a table to rest your TV on. All you need is a flat wall and you can hang your set up with ease. This article will be centered around wall mount products meant for TCL sets, be it a 40 inch or a 65 inch TV. For further information, you can check our section about TCL as well as our guide on How To Mount a TCL TV near the conclusion.

One question that potential buyers always ask is: “are all TV wall mounts universal?” This is a very good question. It wouldn’t make commercial sense for TV mounts to become such niche products that one would have to search for and buy a specific wall mount by a specific manufacturer for a specific kind of television set now would it? And fortunately, this isn’t the case.

The Video Electronics Standards Association has promulgated certain compatibility standards that ensure that almost any wall mounting product on the market, whether or not it is for a TCL TV or for some other brand, follows a 4-screw-rectangle pattern (full details Here). This means that regardless of whether you have a TCL or a Samsung, the TV bracket itself will work in a similar fashion. Having a bigger TV comes with its fair share of problems. Besides the stomach-turning work of trying to find a good spot for your new set, you also have to be faced with the added difficulty of finding tertiary products for your larger TV. This can be hard because not many people own large TV’s and so the market for accessories is largely unsaturated. So at face value, it’s very difficult to find a wall mount for TCL 65 inch TV. This is why I have put together a list of the best wall mount for TCL 65 inch TV.

Best Wall Mount For TCL 65 Inch TV

Vogel’s TV Wall Mount

Features we love:

  • Extra Thin
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Lifetime Guarantee

  • Easy Installation for most TV sets
  • Screws Included
  • Difficult to mount for large TV’s


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Perlsmith Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Features we love:

  • Fits most 37-80 inch TV’s
  • Stylish Design
  • Amazing Customer Service

  • Extra Sturdy
  • Full Motion
  • Does not come with rod extension

Fluid Movement:

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ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount

Features we love:

  • Holds TV close to the wall
  • Easy 3-step install process
  • Durable Steel

  • Very Low Profile
  • Tilt reduces TV glare
  • Backplate width too short

No more screen glare!

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Onkron Ceiling TV Mount

Features we love:

  • Ceiling Suspension
  • Adjustable Height
  • Comes with a Cable Management System

  • Comes with all the needed hardware
  • 150 Pound Load Capacity
  • Does not come with screws and bolts


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AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty TV Wall Mount

Features we love:

  • Very low profile
  • Able to withstand large load
  • Quick Release Lock

  • TV locks without need for tools
  • Relatively Cheaper
  • Confusing Manual

Truly Basic

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 Mount Plus MP-443C

Features we love:

  • Ideal for corner mounting
  • Telescoping Arm
  • Free Articulation

  • 3 Years Manufacturer Warranty
  • Telescoping Arm
  • Time-consuming installation

Editor’s Choice:

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 Loctek 18.8″ Curved TV Wall Mount

Features we love:

  • Works for both curved and flat TV’s
  • Slide installation
  • UL certificate with 4 times(396lbs) loading capacity test

  • Conceals Wires Very Well
  • Comes with Plastic Spacers
  • Oversimplified Directions


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 Monoprice Above Fireplace Wall Mount

Features we love:

  •  Certified by ETL testing labs
  • Mounts above fireplace
  • Comfortable Viewing (pull-down option)

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Alleviates neck and back pain
  • Relatively Expensive



The best wall mount for 65 inch TV is that which can hold up the weight without sacrificing on the aesthetic. The above list provides a far-reaching selection of items that fit this description, some of which are cheap and easy to install, others which may be expensive and complex. But one thing is for sure, in both cases, these are quality products! Choose wisely.

Additional Information

Who Makes The TCL TV?

TCL Technology is a Chinese electronic giant that has quickly grown to become America’s fastest-growing TV brand and is also the world’s second-largest TV manufacturer. Hailing from an electronic rich background, the corporation has assets and products in almost all platforms of tech from cassettes in the 80s to mobile phones in 2004 and even a large television manufacturing contract with Samsung.

Make no mistake, TCL has its roots deeply embedded in the technological revolution and is a brand that you can trust! (if you’re interested in more wall mounts you should check out our picks for the Best TV Wall Mount For Plaster Walls)

How To Mount a TCL TV

I want to be real with my readers here. It takes a certain kind of person to put together and set up any kind of appliance; and if you’re not that person, it can be mind-numbingly frustrating for you to sit down and fit all the screws together to mount something like a TV – at least that’s what you feel like.

But the process here is actually quite simple. You don’t need to be a mechanical whiz to be able to taste the fruits of your electronic appliances. The VEPA standards are quite simple: four screws go into the back of the television set which attaches to the wall mount behind and for every size television set that you have, there is a fixed value for horizontal to vertical distance.

So a TCL 55 inch and a TCL 40 inch smart TV essentially abide by the same standards but use different dimensions for their wall mounts due to their size. But really, any wall mount that abides by VESA is a good TCL wall mount.

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