10 Best Wall Mount for 65 Inch Samsung TV

The global industry for entertainment surpassed $100 billion and is expected to reach $2.7 trillion by 2023.

This one line means one thing only and that is the way consumers consumer content, which mainly revolves around the experience of engaging with that content. Televisions have proven to be such a medium and one thing that enhances their user experience are wall mounts. So, we have prepared for you a very comprehensive list of what are the 10 best wall mounts for Samsung 65 inch TV that you can buy. 

Samsung’s 65 inch TVs have been the talk of the town lately and what better way is there than to have it aesthetically hung on the wall providing either the best full motion tv wall mount experience which is adjustable both up and down, basically providing the best full motion tv wall mount for your Samsung 65 inch tv. 

Cheetah Dual Arm TV Mount

Amazing features we loved

  • 3 degree rotation adjustment
  • Dual arm movement
  • Bubble level for accuracy

  • Fit for 32-65”
  • 130 degree sivel
  • 10 degree tilt
  • Cannot be diassembled
  • Is not compact
  • Takes up space

When choosing a wall mount for your Samsung 65 inch tv, you have to make sure that is supports the weight and size of the entire unit and this Cheetah Dual Arm is made to do just that. It can support upto 165lbs and has a 20” extension with a 130 degree swivel and a 10 degree tilt. This is the epitome of adjustability for your Samsung tv, where the utility and the support offered by this wall mount is not matched by many. It mounts with 16” or 24” wooden studs.

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AmazonBasics Full Motion TV Mount

Amazing features we loved

  • Variety of mounting dimensions
  • Full side to side motion
  • Strong aluminum body

  • 15 degrees tilt
  • Wide range of tv support
  • Complete viewing experience
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Single arm
  • Cannot be disassembled

This particular wall mount for your 65 inch Samsung tv can be said to be the best full motion mount. It mounts up to an 80” tv and supports a weight of 130 pounds. It has a full side to side movement because of its double hinge and apart from that has a 15 degrees tilt for an even better experience from your Samsung tv wall mount. The strength for this tv wall mount is because of the high quality aluminum used and the perfect various mounting dimensions. Overall this is another wall mount that is sturdy and high quality.

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Sanus Premium TV Wall Mount

Amazing features we loved

  • Side to side movement
  • Forward and backward tilt
  • Does not protrude from wall

  • Adjustable height
  • Foldable design
  • Strong screw hold
  • It is expensive
  • Does not rotate on axis

This wall mount for your Samsung 65 inch smart or regular tv supports upto 90” and the best part is that it does not acquire much because when not in use as it can be disassembled. It has an adjustable high level due to the screws that are mounted accurately for a Samsung 65 inch. This can even slide side to side and tilt forwards and backwards. This wall mount for a Samsung 65 inch could prove to be the best available to date.

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QualGear Ultra Slim Wall Mount

Amazing features we loved

  • Sleek design
  • Does not protrude from wall
  • Is inexpensive comparatively

  • Supports 37 to 70 inches
  • Foldable design
  • Strong build design
  • Only supports 88lbs
  • Is not adjustable
  • Many mounting patterns not supported

This is a fixed mount for your 65 inch Samsung. This may not be a full motion tv mount but its ultra slim design makes it a choice for many where space saving is the moto and where a lot of adjustment is not the primary goal. This Samsung tv wall mount supports up to 88lbs and sits only 0.4 inches from the wall. It has two mounting configurations and holds it own when applied with weight. 

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Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Amazing features we loved

  • Swivel and tilt supported
  • 6 arms for great support
  • Advanced safety features

  • Supports up to 100lbs
  • Dimension allowance of 600×400
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Does not disassemble
  • Takes up space
  • Has a lot of moving parts

This absolute monster of a wall mount will not only support your 65 inch Samsung tvs but will do it in style and fashion. This beautiful tv wall mount is loaded with features and adjustments that one needs. It has 6 arms to fully support any of your Samsung tvs, this allows for a full 100lbs weight capacity. These 6 arms swivel to give you the best full motion tv wall mount experience for a 65 inch tv. The dimension it supports top at 600x400mm. the advanced robot welding technology allows for a strong and safe grip.

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Mount-It Heavy Duty TV Bracket

Amazing features we loved

  • Supports 220lbs
  • Various mounting patterns
  • Security locking mechanism for theft

  • Slim design for space
  • Easy installation
  • Foldable design
  • Is not adjustable
  • Does not rotate on any axis
  • Is difficult to unmount

This Samsung mount for a 65 inch tv has have to have one of the best wall mount screws because of the sheer 220 lbs that it can support. This tv wall mount is best suited for a 65 inch Samsung because of the reliable fit and the strong hold that will keep your belonging in its place. It has arms which support various mounting patterns and is an ultra slim design which sits only 1 inch from the wall. 

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AmazonBasics Premium TV Wall Mount

Amazing features we loved

  • Ergonomic design
  • 3 axis rotation
  • Tilting arm

  • Rotates and is adjustable
  • Aluminum strong back
  • Supports heavy weight
  • Single arm design
  • No security feature
  • Is expensive

This very unique and different design to mount your Samsung tv also works as an adapter in this case because of the rotating axis where a center point is provided. This tv wall mount will keep your Samsung tv at the best position possible due to its 3 axis rotation and swivel. This completely ergonomic design for makes this tv wall mount adjustable and provides a full motion for you. It is easy to set up and this single arm design is shifts easily from a landscape to portrait mode. 

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Vogel’s 180° TV Wall Mount

Amazing features we loved

  • Lifetime warranty
  • All types compatibility
  • Swivel 180 degrees
  • Tilt 20 degrees

  • Good range of assembly modes
  • Dual-single arm design
  • Sturdy design
  • Supports only 66lbs
  • Protrudes 21.2 inches
  • Requires more space

This design is more of a one in all for your Samsung and also supports a full motion for your 65 inch tv. The best thing about this tv wall mount is the degrees of tilt and swivel which provide a great viewing experience on your 65 inches of screen. This wall mount fits all kinds of 65 inch Samsung tvs, be it an LED, smart tv, curved tv or an LCD. Its installation is super easy and all the required bolts screws and hardware are provided. It has a maximum mount capacity of 600×400. The 40 years of Vogel’s experience shows in the design because of its utility and aesthetics.

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AmazonBasics No Stud TV Mount

Amazing features we loved

  • Does not protrude from wall
  • Safety lock
  • Supports 150-200lbs

  • Simplistic design
  • No stud for easy removal
  • Built in bubble level
  • No rotation
  • Little adjustment
  • Lesser mounting configurations

This is a rather unique design for a wall mounting a 65inch Samsung tv. It can support upto 150lbs on a dry wall with the upper limit extending to 200 for wood or concrete. This simplistic design does not need much hassle to install and will firmly support your Samsung tv. This locking design is more of a security feature that will keep your tv in place and not only that, it has a 10 degree tilt for a better viewing angle. 

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Loctek Curved TV Wall Mount

Amazing features we loved

  • Swivels 180 degrees
  • Post install levelling
  • Various mount configurations

  • Easy installation
  • Supports up to 99lbs
  • Best for curved Samsung tvs
  • Not suitable for dry wall alone
  • Tilt is only 2 degrees upward
  • Not a foldable design

This maybe last in the list but is certainly not the least because the feature it excels at providing is that it is one of the best wall mount for Samsung 65 inch curved tv. It can easily support up to 70” and a mounting dimension range of 600×400. This tv mount is a best buy for those requiring their tv mount fix for a curved Samsung tv. It supports 99lbs and has a very durable and stable, heavy duty steel construction which is yet easy to install by sliding a separate wall plate and adjust it by a magnetic bubble level. 


The following comprised list contains the best wall mount for a Samsung 65 inch tv where some of them provide the best full motion available and some are the best option for a curved Samsung tv. All in all, each one of them is unique in their own rights for your 65 inch Samsung tv. 

Additional Information

How to install

The installation process requires for you to firmly mount the screws to your Samsung tv and to do that with accuracy. Then according to the different design, you either hang the tv on the hooks or bolt it to the metal plate after which your tv will be mounted safely.

Things to consider

These are some of the precautions you must take before installing a tv wall mount. Make sure there is ample space below and especially on the sides if the tv mount for a 65 inch Samsung tv rotates and swivels because it will be needing uninterrupted space. Next try not to have any sharp or strong magnetic objects near the area of swivel. Lastly, the most important is to check your wall on which you are about to mount and make sure it is not a dry wall but a concrete or wooden wall. 

More Information

These wall mounts range from catering to a Samsung 65 inch curved tv or for flat screen, anything is mountable on most of these models that we have listed for you. While selecting these wall mounts for your 65-inch tv we have taken into account how well was the product received by the audience and how well did it pass according to our own testing and usage after which we finalized the best tv wall mount to buy. I have also made available the guide Conclusion to help guide you better.

If you liked this article, make sure to check out our website for more informational guides. So you can get your hands on the latest and the best wall mounted products ever!

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