Best Wall Mount For TV Over Fireplace

I hope you will all agree with me when I say

A perfectly mounted TV provides finesse to the room

Recently a new trend has started where people are now mounting their TVs over the fireplace. Looks dreamy, doesn’t it? A good movie, great cool weather, family cuddles, and a lit fireplace right below the TV.

There are many options available in the market with different features. Some can swing, pull down, dropdown. Some are motorized. Some are just plain simple and minimalistic. It’s truly the choice of the customer to find the best TV mount according to the room’s aesthetic.

Mounting a TV above a gas fireplace does have its pros and cons. Be sure to read up on the guide on How To Mount A TV Over A Fireplace given in the end to after the Conclusion to ensure how you can best mount a TV over a fireplace.

However, if you are looking for a fireplace tv mount, look no further since we have compiled the perfect list. Pull down TV Mount, drop-down TV mount, Motorized TV mount, we got it all.

Without taking any longer, here are our top picks.

Mounting Dream MD2380

Features we loved

  • Heavy-duty built
  • Supports all VESA standard SD
  • Easy Installation

  • Supports up to 99lbs
  • 4-way motion work better viewing
  • Lengthy user manual

Whether it’s a wall mount for above a fireplace or on a normal room wall, Mounting Dream MD2380 is the dream mount to have. Perfect for all usual sizes and mount design TVs. The strong mount arms can support up to 99lbs which is quite in the range of every normal TV enthusiast. The 4-way motion will greatly complement your room sitting design and aesthetic for the perfect user experience. However, if you are someone who goes by the book, reads up online on how to mount a TV over a fireplace or reads the manual, well get ready to go through an awful lot of pages.

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VideoSecu ML531BE2

Features we loved

  • Heavy gauge steel mount.
  • 6ft hdmi cable and mounted hardware Included

  • 20″ wall pullout
  • max weight supported 88lbs
  • difficult installation.
  • The user manual has a few things left out.

With a 20” wall pullout, the VideoSecu is by far one of the best pull down tv wall mounts over a fireplace. Even if you are planning on mounting it over a fireplace, the 20” pullout will make it extremely easy to access cables. Supports a very decent weight as well of up to 88lbs. the packaging is one of the best which includes a high-quality HDMI cable along with all the necessary hardware so that you don’t have to get anything from a third party. But yes, the installation is difficult since the user manual did leave out a few things. So if you want to learn how to mount tv on a brick fireplace, you might want to google it.

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Whisper Ride 750 Motorized

Features we loved

  • Flexible and adjustable application.
  • Remote controlled.

  • Lifts up to 145lbs
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Very expensive.

I like to call this particular mount “Dwayne the Rock Johnson” of wall mount for two particular reasons. One being that it lifts a massive 145lbs and two, it doesn’t come cheap at all. One of the reasons I placed it on number 3 in the list. This motorized tv mount is the perfect setup if you like to pamper yourself with the best technologies. You want to have something unique and modern to mount your tv over a fireplace or Move it around up and down with a remote. Ah what life ain’t it? Also, the 5-year warranty is pretty sweet.

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Features we loved

  • Easy to setup.
  • Reliable and durable steel.

  • 15 ° tilt.
  • Great customer service.
  • Not easy to access cables.
  • Installation takes time.

You might want to put out the fire if you want to mount this one over a fireplace because it’s going to take some time. The installation isn’t that easy. The echogear holds up pretty well and is a great piece of equipment. The best thing about this company is the customer service which makes sure the customer is 100% satisfied. However, given the design of this mount, you will have trouble accessing the cables so the best way is to attach extensions and leave them hanging somehow. But this mount is made to last. The reliable and durable steel will make sure your tv is mounted safely over the fireplace.

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Cheetah Mounts APFMSB

Why we love it?

  • Comes with anchors for a variety of wall materials.
  • Easy lift and lock attachment.

  • Allows for 3 degrees of Rotation Adjustment to Level after Installation
  • Includes a Twisted Veins 10′ HDMI cable and a 6″ 3-axis Magnetic Bubble Level
  • The TV just hangs on it loosely.
  • Not exactly straight.

If you have a fancy house with different wall materials for different rooms and you are worried about whether this mount can be fixed upon different kinds of wall materials then this cheetah mount is the purrrfect option for you, whether it’s an over fireplace tv mount or the kitchen sidewall. This one will do it all. However, there have been complaints regarding the TV hanging loosely over the top bar. Loose enough to slide it over. If you have kids around the home, you might want to hang this a bit high out of reach. Click here to read up about the perfect height to mount a TV over a wall.

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AmazonBasics Dual-Arm TV mount

Features we loved

  • Full motion, dual arm swing for flat-screen TVs 32-65”
  • Holds up to 100lbs

  • Tilts 6-10 degrees up and down.
  • 180 degrees right-left swivel.
  • Pre-set drill hole template and mounting hardware included.
  • Mounting screws included are of sub-standard quality.
  • Center spot mounting can be a problem.

Amazon provides some very good quality home basics under its own brand name. Decent quality and decent price. This one however has made the list for the best tv mount above a fireplace. A superior quality mount which can hold up to 100lbs. that’s strong! Its maneuverable capabilities make this model a great fireplace tv mount. However, there have been complaints regarding the screws that are pre-packaged in the box to be of not good quality potentially posing a threat to the security of your TV and the people in the home. It’s best to buy some other aftermarket good quality mounting hardware if you are going with this model. TV above a fireplace should definitely be safe. But nevertheless, this is still a great piece of equipment.

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OmniMount OE120IW 

Features we loved

  • Low profile finish with full-motion flexibility.
  • Good cable management.
  • High-end materials and finishing.

  • Complete in-wall box system with pre-installed wall mount.
  • Post-installation leveling accounts for uneven walls or floors
  • Relatively expensive.
  • Needs a design update to fit newer models.

If it weren’t the need for design updates, and the expensive price, this model would have probably topped the list for the best TV mounts over a fireplace. I would say that this is the best wall mount to hang a TV over a fireplace primarily due to the fact that it’s extremely simple to do so compared to the other mounts in this review. It provides a good low profile look with maneuver facilities along with easy access to cable management. All this sums up to be what I call the best tv mount over a fireplace however this equation is seriously down-weighted by the price and design. If you have the latest LG OLED TV then this mount is definitely not for you.


Above a fireplace is truly a magical place to mount a TV. And it can be seen that the manufacturers have given this some good thought on making the most optimum kind of mount over a fireplace. With every model having its merits and demerits. But more or less, the features are relatively the same.

The few unique things about each model have been carefully pointed out in this review and I hope this can help you find the best TV mount above a fireplace.

If you want to learn about the merits and demerits of mounting a TV over a fireplace, click here.

Additional Information

How To Mount A TV Over A fireplace.

I am sure you have come across articles that talk about why shouldn’t you mount a TV over a fireplace or even you had these thoughts that are it safe to mount a TV right over the fireplace? To keep it safe, you just mounted it too high over the fireplace and now it straining the neck and eyes. You have searched the internet inside out for the best pull down, drop down fireplace TV mount.

I am here to show you how you can mount your TV over a fireplace for both gas and electricity in the best way possible.

First of all, check the type of wall.

  • Drywall: just install it normally like any other wall mount.
  • Brick Wall: make sure you don’t screw it in the mortar. Otherwise, it will be a TV mounted on to the floor in front of the fireplace instead of above it.

Secondly, Pick out the kind of mount you want:

  • Fixed: not very practical. Only does the bare minimum.
  • Tilting: tilts to give better access at the back while maintaining a slim design.
  • Full motion: gives a full motion of around 10° all directions. Best option.

Soot and heat from the fire can easily damage the cables and the TV unit itself. The best thing to prevent that is to install a good thick wooden rack or any heat insulator for that matter right between the fireplace and TV. If you want some good designs, click here. This will prevent the heat from reaching the TV and you can enjoy the cool winter weather with fire and the movie frozen.

There is a good chance that the builder did put an outlet over the fireplace to help you hide the cables and maintain the beautiful aesthetic of a TV mounted over a fireplace. Or there might be an outlet in the mantel. If you have an outlet that lets you hide the wires then you’re in luck. If not, then worry not. Simply buy some cool cable tunnels. They will not only keep the wires safe but also provide a nice clean kind of look to the house. Paint them to make them blend into the wall and you are good to go.

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