Best TV Wall Mount For Plaster Walls

Plaster is easily one of the most durable ways to cover your walls. While it does show strength, it does have the negative disadvantage, if you wish to hang things around the wall of your home. An appliance as heavy as television could never be easily anchored to the wood unless it’s to a proper heavy duty wall mount bracket.

And it is exactly, keeping the following need, and the following kind of plaster wall in mind that we curated this article. After spending hours on highly detailed research and gathering of data, we made this article and a list of the best and top 6 tv wall mounts that are perfect for plaster walls. You can read our guides and information that will help you find the best kind, that suits your tv, at the bottom of the article. These guides are, How to mount your Tv, Picking the right mount, and Conclusion

Pipishell Tv Wall Mount Bracket

Things we loved:

  • Universal for all Tv types
  • Heavy-duty dual arms
  • Vertical tilting

  • Easy installation
  • After-sales services
  • Universal for all TVs
  • Screws attached to bracket do not fit
  • Does not fit all Tv sizes
  • Does not tilt or move around with ease

With dual-arm technology, this tv wall mount is perfect for plaster walls. It has studs and screws that come along itself and provides you with an after-sales service as well! So you can sit back and relax, let the people mount it for you. It has easy installation and fits right into the plaster walls securely, preventing any and all downfalls.

However, this tv wall mount does prove to not be able to fit in all kinds of tv and their dimensions. Hence, buying this wall bracket can be a risk as it may not fit on your tv type.

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PERLESMITH TV Wall Bracket Full Motion

Things we loved:

  • Caters to Curved, LEDs and LCDs
  • Adjustable extension handles
  • Maximum flexibility

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Not heavy duty, ends up sagging
  • Screws and studs do not fit

This tv wall mount is easy to use and easy to install. It comes with an installation manual and video, that makes it user friendly. It has a heavy gauge system, that makes it heavy duty and able to support tv screens up to 165 pounds! Ergo, with this buddy on. Your Tv is going nowhere! Plaster walls require a heavy-duty tv bracket that’s able to support the weight of the screen and this provides just that.

However, as much as it promises to be heavy-duty it isn’t. Over time it ends up sagging and pulls your tv downwards. To solve this, you must disassemble everything and retighten the screws. Speaking of which, the screws and studs that come along, do not fit every Tv either! This can risk damage for your Tv screen.

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ECHOGEAR Articulating Tv Wall Mount

Things we loved:

  • Articulating technology
  • Installs in less than 20 mins
  • Built in cable management

  • Tilting mechanism
  • Compatible with major Tv brands
  • Built in cable management in the back
  • Some screws dont fit
  • Doesnt fit all Tv screens

With over 6 thousand positive reviews, we can easily conclude that Echogear tv mount brackets will never let you down! It is user friendly and easy to install, so you don’t need to worry about calling someone in to mount it. Giving you a worry-free experience. It also comes with a built-in cable manager, whereby you can adjust all your tv wires behind. To avoid that messy Tv look, making your wall-mounted screen look perfect on your plaster walls!

However, some screw fit better than the others. Which is why it can add to becoming a more costly installment as you would have to buy screws on your own. Some reviews also suggest it doesn’t work perfectly for all tv screens either. Hence, it can risk your investment going to waste.

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Hangman TV Hanger Mount

Things we loved:

  • Installs in 10 mins
  • Includes security cables
  • Doesnt require studs or cables!

  • Fast and easy to install
  • Highly affordable
  • Doesnt require screws or studs
  • Not enough space between wall and Tv
  • Exposed wires
  • Doesnt allow a lot of tilting space

With a whopping 91% positive reviews, this tv wall mount bracket is basically perfect for your plaster walls! It has the simplest system to install, just drill your mount in, mount your tv on and you are good to go for, well, for as long as you want. Because this baby is going nowhere. It has a high-quality use of materials, that makes it incredibly durable and longlasting. Making your investment, worth the spending!

However, it does show to have little to no space between your Tv and your mount. Due to which it becomes harder to hide your cable wires or even hide your power sources. Resulting in exposed wires, and an unclean look to your living space.

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ECHOGEAR Low Profile Fixed TV Mount

Things we loved:

  • Sleek and low profile look
  • UL-certified tested
  • 3 Step easy installment

  • Can be adjusted even after installment
  • Safety tested by UL
  • Comes with pull strings to make wire acess easy
  • Not enough tilting or movement
  • Drilling holes are not clearly specified

Safety and security of your asset, your Tv is one of the top priorities of this brand. This is why it gives you such a product, that is perfectly designed to give you the tilting you need, the sleek and clean wall mounted look on your plaster walls, and all the while hiding wires. One of its unique selling points is, that you can shift, tilt, and level it up or down even after installation. How cool is that? Adjust it however you want to, wherever you want to. Echogear tv wall mounts will never let you, your Tv, and those plaster walls down.

However, it has been said to be very poorly made. The construction of the wall mount makes it difficult to install to the tv, making it also difficult to install to such plaster walls. This can increase your risk of breaking your tv or damaging your walls. The weight of the wall mount is too heavy itself to be able to hold itself up onto the wall, which again risks damage and falling from the plaster wall.

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AmazonBasics No Stud Tilting WallMount

Things we loved:

  • Low profile
  • After sales service with an expert
  • Fits VESA mounting patterns

  • Made with heavu duty reliable steel
  • Uses automatic safety locks
  • Doesn’t require studs or screws
  • Highly affordable
  • Light weight
  • Does not allow enough room for tilting

Another low-key yet sleek and simple TV wall mount is, this one! Simply install the base of this wall mount onto the desired location or your plaster wall and lock your TV in place with the automatic safety lock it comes along with. With the heavy-duty material it is made with, it can hold up to 150 pounds in drywalls and 200 pounds in wood, concrete and block walls! So you don’t need to worry about your plaster walls, for this TV wall mount can easily hold up its weight, as well as the Televisions.

However, the tilting process is difficult. It doesn’t provide enough wiggle room or enough space to tilt your Tv even by a few degrees.

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USX Full Motion TV Mount

Things we loved:

  • Universal design
  • Adjustable and articulating
  • Space saving

  • Cable management built in
  • Holds upto 132 pounds
  • Includes all standard mounting hardware
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Studs do not match frames
  • Difficult to install
  • Low quality screws

With this one purchase, we assure you, you don’t need anything else! With this USX product, you get all the wires, screws, studs, etc all that you need. So no need for further buying or investing your money into anything. It comes with a built in system for cable management, to give you that perfectly sleek and clean aesthetic look to your Tv and your living room. Not only this, but it also is universally used. So you don’t have to worry about if this will fit your Tv or not, because it will!

However, it does prove to be made with poor quality materials. And seems to have poor quality screws that come along. Not only so, but it also does not have the right matches of the holes to the frame, making installation worse and adding to your installation cost as a whole.

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Picking The Right Mount

Picking the right kind of mount matters a lot. There are different kinds of mounts. Mounts that support dry walls, some that do not support dry walls, some tend to work like magic on plaster walls, while others don’t. So to ensure that your TV goes on perfectly mounted for a long period of time, one must make sure they buy the right kind of bracket in the first place.

One way of doing that is finding out the type of wall you have. If you have a plaster wall, this article will prove to be highly informative for you. So we suggest keep on reading! But if you have drywall, try giving this article ago, that has a collection of the perfect mounts for drywalls.

Once you have your type of wall determined, we can move onto the next step. That is, choosing the right mount. How you can do so, is buy searching the kind of mounts that support your walls. Not all mounts support all kinds of walls. Hence, make sure you get a wall mount that is able to mount securely onto the base of the wall to avoid it falling out and risking your luxury asset.

After completing the following steps, you are now ready to mount your TV right in. And how to do that correctly on your own you wonder? Well, we have got you covered for that too!

Additional Information

How To Mount Your TV

Mounting your TV to your plaster wall without any studs isn’t that difficult. Simply follow this guide and learn how you can easily mount it all on your own!

  1. Using anchors. Anchors come in all kinds, molly bolts, toggle anchors. Toggle anchors look like normal screws but when placed on the wall they anchor the TV to the back of the drywalls. Molly bolts are a little harder to use on other walls than dry walls, but they are thin and easy to replace!
  2. Mounting plates. These plates work perfectly for all kinds of walls. They stick the base of your wall to the surface and anchor points of itself to the walls. Giving you a secure and tightly adjusted Tv to the plaster wall without any risk of damage or falling.


Now that you have all the information you need, what are you waiting for? Go get started on your journey to mounting your dream TV in your dream home, all the while without making a mess. Get your tools ready, find the perfect TV bracket for you, and your tv style, and let’s get mounting your dreams to accomplishment!

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