Best Height for Wall Mounted TV

A brand new wall mount tv is a great achievement in a household. The excitement of opening up one and getting ready to watch your favorite shows and movies on a screen this big and up on your wall, is something like no other.

But often times in this excitement, we tend to forget the actual installation of our tv wall mount. And one can end up mounting their tv too high up or too low, not following their tvs’ manual on how high to wall mount tv or the standard tv mounting height. This can result to several problems in your viewing, but before we get into those let us find out why really is finding out how high to mount tv in bedrooms this important?

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Distances and Viewing Angle

With whichever inch tv you get for your bedroom or lounge, there is a certain distance that one should be sitting at and viewing from. In order to get the full experience of your tv and not only that but to fully be able to view it right. In short, the bigger the tv is the more you have to sit far behind in order to have a better viewing angle.

One can take the examples of cinemas. We tend to incline more towards getting middle seat rows, and usually at the top of all seats. This is because the screens are huge, and in order for our eyes to catch the entire screen we have to sit far behind.

According to the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers (SMPT), they suggest that the optimum wall mounted tv height is having  30 to 36degree viewing angle from where ever you are seated in your room. So if you are wondering how high should a tv be mounted on the wall, this is your answer. In order to find the exact tv mounting height or the best height for wall mounted tv for yours specifically we calculate a formula.

How high to wall mount tv

This formula can be a bit tricky and difficult to understand for a layman, so let us answer how high should i mount my tv according to this one fact. Simply keep in mind while mounting your tv on the wall to keep the distance between you and the tv 1.5-2.5 times its screen. So for example, if you have a 65 inch tv and wonder how high to mount 65 inch tv then we multiply our screen inches from 1.5-2.5 in order to find out how high to hang tv on wall. In this case it would be 97.5.

Something that can add to what tv wall mounting height should you use is, understanding how to place it in your bedroom or lounge around obstacles. These obstacles impact the height of your wall hanging tv heavily. Ergo, it is important to realize how to go about it.

On a regular and standard level, your tv manufacturer wouldnt recommend you to use a mounting height as such, whereby your tv is able to be mounted right above a fireplace or so. This is because a tv’s wires are made from regular rubber material, and if they come in close contact with a fireplace or so, it could burn them and damage your tv also. While putting a tv above a fireplace looks quite aesthetic, it is strongly recommended to not do so.

Types of rooms

Now that you have gotten it down, how high do you mount a tv on the wall. Let us now go over, what height to hang your tv on if not above a fireplace. A loophole one could use in order to mount their tv there could be to incorporate a barrier or mantel in between the two. This wont only prevent the heat from getting to your tv but also will give you a good place to put your decorations on! How cool is that? However, we still would suggest to consult your fireplaces instructional manual to figure out whether or not it is ideal to do so.

The layout of your room and where you choose to mount your tv also implements the vision and what height of tv should be ideal for you. If your bedroom is not the average height and is actually bigger, you would have to take into account the measurements of the wall and where you would be seated as well.

Room tv mounting height

Although you should still visit your instructional manual to find out how high should you mount a tv or specifically how how to mount 75 inch tv or which ever one yours is. We would suggest to look into how long you stand in your bedroom also! If you do stand for longer periods of time, a standard tv mounting height would do. That is 42 inches of height above from the ground.

But if your room has people standing most of the time or so, then the average height for tv wall mount would not work. In such cases we would recommend you to have your tv at an optimum wall mounted tv height of 60inches. This should work perfectly as a height of tv on your wall, for a standing adult in a room this big.

Quick tip!

Another thing one must keep in mind is the type of room you are going to be mounting the tv in. So if you are wanting to find out how high to mount your 65 inch tv in a gym, it would would depend on how tall your equipment is and the average height of adults there.

On a similar note, one should take into account the fact that if it is a bar or kitchen you are wanting to hang your tv in, you should be aware of bar stools if you have any. Or kitchen islands, seating areas and so on. Depending on how high up they are and what the height of those stools are, you should add those into the height of your tv also. As in, if your barstools, sofas, seating areas, or even your bed, has a height of 20 inches, then add the average of 24 inches to it. The total should give you a number, which will be the height whereby you are suggested to hang your tv on the wall .To make sure that your tv is watchable for everyone!


Now that you have gotten all the information you may need to figure out the best height for wall mounted tvs, what are you waiting for? Get yourself your very own television right away and use this guide in order to determine how high to mount tv in bedroom, offices, gyms, bars where ever! Because for us, recommending only the best to our customers is the most important factor of all.

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